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  1. Yes, please! I think this has to be seen in order for some people to understand what goes into making a game and to see how much hard work is put into it by the people behind it.
  2. I am very confident that Peter McConnell will talk with the devs and they will find a solution that will sound excellent.
  3. Okay I understand that. Thanks for the insight guys! Even if I think it takes a little away from the game to look up hints or anything. When I first played DOTT I really liked to get stuck at a puzzle (I was maybe 10 years old) and come back to it the next day or even a week later and figuring it out. I think this takes a little away from the unique pace of an adventure game. I always thought this was a big part about those games but I can understand that people ache to see the story going on! And it doesnt hurt players who still wanna play it without hints so I think it's great for statisfying everybody. greetings from germany^^
  4. i'm sorry if I'm sounding a little stupid, but why does the remake need hints all of the sudden?
  5. Will the classic Verb System still be used in the Special Edition?
  6. I'm not sure if I would like for all the verbs to be simplified down to a different interface. Thats just the way the game the was designed (even if that interface-style seems to be outdated) and I always liked it.
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