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  1. To be perfectly fair, at first I thought he just didn't understand evolution, so I put effort into that first post. After that, I just thought he was a troll, so I started hunting through my gif archive for appropriate reactions. Now it seems like he isn't and I'm not sure how I feel, but it still seems really weird to me to go into a gaming forum and post one's first post in a random religious thread that's been buried for weeks. I was going to answer with a long response to why I am no longer religious, but that got personal and depressing, so I'll just leave it at I can't accept things that can't be tested. And the reason for that is I think waaaaaaay too much. Also, the zeroth level of Hell sounded really great. I'd honestly rather chill with Socrates and Moses for eternity than anything else and you can't do that unless you're a virtuous non-believer. XP I was going to quote Socrates earlier. Or Plato quoting Socrates I suppose: I was going to quote this passage in reference to artists not understanding the meaning of the works they create. I'm in a games forum because I like games but also doublefine is sort of a mystical company composed of artists and poets that also make videogames. I like art and poetry too.
  2. I made a mistake. In the Mouth of Madness was released in 1995. Here's another angle on Jurassic Park that's easier to swallow although I do stand by the previous one. I wrote this a while ago so I'm just going to quote myself. I did add a couple of new lines but I'll put those in brackets: Excerpt from Hell by by Rev. Father Francois Xavier Schouppe, S.J:
  3. Haha. I didn't do anything like that. You got nothing honest to say so you trash me unmerciful for stepping on your hallowed pop culture grounds.
  4. Imagine the madness that I should try to put forth a well thought out idea in a thread designed to gleefully throw insult after insult upon God Himself without consequence in an effort to perhaps have someone reconsider the path they find themselves dragged down.
  5. You know the scene in Citizen Kane from which your little animation comes is one in which Kane impotently tries to persuade a theater that his girlfriend is a brilliant performer. The rest of the theatergoers understand fully well that she is not and so Kane's act is one of self-delusion and uselessness. Notice the tepid applause from the man on his left. In other words, in this case, I commend you on your fitting choice of gif.
  6. I've been doing a little research and I came upon something unsettling to say the least. I compared Spielberg and Lovecraft earlier. I said that unbeknownst to them, they are more than likely, the mouth pieces of devils. Now Sam Neil starred in two films in 1993. The one everyone knows, without doubt, is Spielberg's Jurassic Park. The lesser known is John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness. Not unrelated, Sam Neil's big break in film came to him in the lead role of The Omen III in which he played the antichrist. In the Mouth of Madness is a Lovecraftian horror film. In the film Sam Neil's character is tasked, by novelist Sutter Cane, with delivering his final manuscript, In the Mouth of Madness, to his publisher. Once published, the novel will unleash Lovecraftian monsters from their realm, who will destroy the human race, ushering in their rule and the apocalypse. Now, strangely enough if you get creative, Jurassic Park tells the exact same story: In Jurassic Park, Sam Neil's character is tasked, by novelist Michael Crichton, with delivering a film adaptation of his novel, Jurassic Park, to its publisher Universal Studios. Once distributed to theaters, the film will unleash Spielbergian monsters from their fenced enclosures, who will destroy the human race, ushering in their rule and the apocalypse. In the Mouth of Madness ends with Neil's character insane. He goes to an empty theater to see the film adaptation of In the Mouth of Madness. The film is made up of previous clips from the film itself. His reaction is to descend further into madness. The first image he sees on the theater screen is this one: Which is unusually similar to one of the most popular images from Jurassic Park: There is more significance than the simple similarity between the two images. The creature in the latter image is the Velociraptor. In Jurassic Park, Neil's Character Dr. Grant is obsessed with raptors and carries on his person a raptor claw, so there is a connection of meaning as well as similarity. The raptor claw represents some evil influence in Dr. Grant's life because halfway through the film, after he has appeared to have resolved his issue with children, he dramatically throws the claw from the top of a high tree. A signification that the claw, in part, represented something of his ill will toward children. If that weren't bizarre enough Jurassic Park also has a scene with a main character watching himself on a theater screen: Sam Neil also happens to be among the theatergoers: Here's the whole In the Mouth of Madness clip: 8_HPFoelMQc Now I'd like to return to a previous thought for a moment: "St. Cyril also, writing to St. Augustine, says that one of the three men who were raised from the dead told him: “As the hour of my departure drew nigh, a multitude of devils, countless in number, came and stood about me. Their forms were more horrible than anything imagination can conceive. One would rather be burnt in the fire than be compelled to look upon them. These demons ranged themselves around me, and reproached me with all the misdeeds I had ever done, thinking to drive me to despair. And in fact I should have given way before them, had not God in His mercy come to my succour." Compare that to Gaiman's thoughts on the appearence of Lovecraft's creatures: 1WJ6qPjmC3I I end with the Cthulhu inspired Davy Jones of the Pirates of the Caribbean films who has a serious hatred for Roman Catholic Rosaries in this particular scene from Dead Man's Chest: zo-OYwh6KHA Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori (18th century): "A young man in Perugia once promised the devil that if he would help him to commit a sinful act which he desired to do, he would give him his soul; and he gave him a writing to that effect, signed with his blood. The evil deed was committed, and the devil demanded the performance of the promise. He led the young man to a well, and threatened to take him body and soul to hell if he would not cast himself into it. The wretched youth, thinking that it would be impossible for him to escape from his enemy, climbed the well-side in order to cast himself into it, but terrified at the thought of death, he said to the devil that he had not the courage to throw himself in, and that, if he wished to see him dead, he himself should thrust him in. The young man wore about his neck the scapular of the sorrowing Mary; and the devil said to him: Take off that scapular, and I will thrust you in.” But the youth, seeing the protection which the divine mother still gave him through that scapular, refused to take it off, and after a great deal of altercation, the devil departed in confusion. The sinner repented, and grateful to his sorrowful mother, went to thank her, and presented a picture of this case, as an offering, at her altar in the new church of Santa Maria, in Perugia."
  7. I suppose your criticisms about how I'm coming off are fair enough. I'll tone it down a notch. My apologies. I'm sure you can understand that it easy for one to lose his patience and become very defensive when engaged in these sorts of discussions because of posts with people comparing Jesus with the devil, and end up with a simple desire to ridicule and intellectually tear apart anyone who would do such a thing. Anyone can fall into the temptation to over zealously defend something they feel is being unfairly attacked. However, it doesn't help my cause any. To clarify on the dubious mixing of science and art that leads to error: Lovecraft professed himself a rationalist but here we are now with this strange legacy of the malicious powerful beings he wrote about that seek the destruction of mankind. There are now actual cults that worship these beings. To me, this is the natural outcome of the enlightenment era rejection of God. With man now left to his his own weak reasoning powers corrupted pitifully by the overpowering passions that all men are subject to the devil found his way in easily enough. Lovecraft touted science and let Cthulhu in the door, but he's not the only one. Steven Spielberg is a similar story. He has always presented himself as a scientific rationalist character but you'll find that his work is filled with malicious powerful beings that seek the destruction of mankind. There are lots of examples but I'll stick to the alien area. In Close Encounters you have a seemingly peaceful group of aliens that come to enlighten the human race but in an interview with James Lipton Spielberg said that the scene at Devil's Tower was inspired by Fantasia's Night at Bald Mountain which is satanic in character. If you watch the two scenes together it will be hard to miss the similarities. In E.T. you have a seemingly peaceful alien who lives in a young boy's closet and with time comes to completely possess him. Note that E and T are respectively the first and last letter of the name Elliott. What's more interesting is that the film Poltergeist which was released within days of E.T. and to this day many believe is to have been ghost directed by Spielberg himself is about an evil ghost that lives in a little boys closet who with time comes to possess the little girl who lives in the same room. The two films are mirror images of each other in a lot of respects. The seemingly peaceful alien image ends though with Speilberg's War of the Worlds which has the aliens coming up from hell and feeding on the blood of the hapless as civilization is completely eradicated. Honorable mention goes to sharks and dinosaurs, with one of the latter, eating a man of a toilet who was in the midst of imploring the mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Another interesting tidbit is Spielberg's 1972 TV movie Something Evil. Wikipedia synopsis: Now get this. About half way through the film the wife character sits reading a book of incantations aloud. As she lists off a bunch How-to spells she comes upon this chestnut: "How the devil takes over innocent people and uses them to do his work." The man in the video I posted earlier--Neil Gaiman I want to say--relates a story about being at a Lovecraft panel where a man honestly asked, "What does the panel think about what I believe to have happened which is the elder gods were using H.P. Lovecraft to convey their story to mankind and to build up belief levels to the point at which they could manifest." Exactly, but the truth is that devils used the unstable Lovecraft to convey their story under figures and symbols in order to take up habitation in the minds of many who otherwise wouldn't have let them in. The same goes with Spielberg, who has said of his home in Haddon Township, New Jersey, which contained a crack, ""I remember lying there, trying to go to sleep, and I used to always imagine little Hieronymus Bosch-like creatures inside, peeking out and whispering to me to come into the playground of the crack and be drawn into the unknown there." Who has done more to popularize a belief in aliens than Spielberg? Bosch-like creatures for reference: The Four Last Things (1887): King Solomon: "The way of the wicked is darksome: They know not where they fall." There are other examples but I'm way too tired and I thought I should at least put something serious about what I believe here in short to apologize for my sarcasm in previous posts.
  8. Touche. Perhaps a wee bit overzealous. Well I find the topic interesting nonetheless.
  9. When these things happen, I can't help but picture the person screaming "YOU WILL BE EATEN BY SHOGGOTHS" as they leave for that high-socity dinner party hosted by Nathan R. L. Tepid Hi, I'm back. You do realize that Lovecraft was mad as a hatter, right? The man was head over heels in love with the devil. Lovecraft: "There is a lake in distant Zan, Beyond the wonted haunts of man, Where broods alone in a hideous state A spirit dead and desolate; A spirit ancient and unholy, Heavy with fearsome melancholy, Which from the waters dull and dense Draws vapors cursed with pestilence." I also looked up Shaggoth and can reconfirm that whoever came up with that was off his rocker. So far off his rocker in fact that he offed it out of existence. Lovecraft: "Thro’ the ghoul-guarded gateways of slumber, Past the wan-moon’d abysses of night, I have liv’d o’er my lives without number, I have sounded all things with my sight; And I struggle and shriek ere the daybreak, being driven to madness with fright." "Slowly but inexorably crawling upon my consciousness and rising above every other impression, came a dizzying fear of the unknown; a fear all the greater because I could not analyse it, and seeming to concern a stealthily approaching menace; not death, but some nameless, unheard-of thing inexpressibly more ghastly and abhorrent." To keep things on topic I'll quote King Solomon from the Book of Wisdom who is without error in his reproach of cowards like Lovecraft: "But there appeared to them a sudden fire, very dreadful: and being struck with the fear of that face, which was not seen, they thought the things which they saw to be worse: And the delusions of their magic art were put down, and their boasting of wisdom was reproachfully rebuked. For they who promised to drive away fears and troubles from a sick soul, were sick themselves of a fear worthy to be laughed at. For though no terrible thing disturbed them: yet being scared with the passing by of beasts, and hissing of serpents, they died for fear: and denying that they saw the air, which could by no means be avoided. For whereas wickedness is fearful, it beareth witness of its condemnation: for a troubled conscience always forecasteth grievous things." It's amazing. I just found this video and when these people are describing Lovecraft's work they're simply talking about devils veiled under the costume of octopus aliens from mars. h0DT5e33aMA
  10. Really? This didn't do anything for you? This thing is in an actual museum and is presented as a potential dinosauroid, had dinosaurs persevered. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life. Anyway, cheers. Say genki to the grappin for me when he comes to take your deluded souls away. They say that when he takes a soul, he's sorely pressed to keep it on with him, for all the ages. Or so the legend goes. The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven (1887): "Besides what has been already mentioned, the terrible appearance of the evil spirits makes death yet more alarming to us. It is the opinion of many of the Fathers, that every one, when expiring, sees the evil enemy, at any rate at the moment of drawing his last breath, if not before. How appalling this sight is, and with what terror it must inspire the dying, exceeds the power of words to declare. It is related of Brother Giles that one day, when he was praying in his cell, the devil appeared to him in so frightful a shape, that the Brother lost the power of speech, and thought his last hour had come. As his lips could not utter a sound, he raised his heart in humble supplication to God, and the apparition vanished. Afterwards, when relating what had befallen him to his brother-monks, he trembled from head to foot as he described the hideous aspect of the adversary of mankind. Then going to St. Francis, he asked him this question: "Father, have you ever seen anything in this world the sight of which was so horrible that it was enough to kill one to behold it?" And the Saint replied: "I have indeed seen such a thing; it is none other than the devil, whose aspect is so loathsome that no one could gaze upon it even for a short time and live, unless God specially enabled him to do so."" In parting I'd like to present you with a poem I wrote in honor of know-it-alls like you guys. Enjoy know-it-alls. Half-assed scientists, on all sides. Clucking. Is there anything these horn blowers don't know? wfX1MkMazwc
  11. Who in the hell would believe that? Those who believe in wacky popular modern scientific theories that have no basis in reality. G.K. Chesterton: Judging from what you've written, you don't even know what the theory of evolution IS. And I'm sure scientists drowning in a mountain of evidence have little to no interest on what G K Chesterton's uninformed opinion on the subject was. And make no mistake, the evidence is so strong that it would take an INCREDIBLE amount of new evidence to overturn it. The genetic evidence alone (evidence that was unavailable in Darwin's time) would be enough to confirm it, even if there were no fossil record. But you seem to have little interest in attempting to examine what you criticize. This mountain you speak of wouldn't be called Mt. Doom would it? Lesson number one when defending evolution: When your argument for evolution fails miserably appeal to the insurmountable authority of a high priestly class of scientists that can not be challenged by the mere mortals you are arguing against. Since the ethereal mist of evolution can in no way be defended the argument must come to an end yesterday, so do everything in your power to suggest that behind the scenes there is class of wizard scientists so wise that to even suggest a word against them is to bring your incomprehensible and inhuman stupidity out in to the open for all to see, and hold against you, until the end of time. Lesson number two: Always put a word or two in caps. IS and INCREDIBLE, in this instance. Congratulations, you've won the argument and now evolution is true. Lesson number three: In case you haven't won the argument yet use the word evidence a lot but never give any examples of what this magical fairy dust evidence could possibly be. Now you've won the argument. Congratulations, you can now back to enjoying the glory that is Dino-riders.
  12. Who in the hell would believe that? Those who believe in wacky popular modern scientific theories that have no basis in reality. G.K. Chesterton: The theory of evolution is more a natural result of the need to have a religion for the dog eat dog mentality of the industrial age than out of any truth that lies in the idea. So when someone stabs you in the back or cuts your throat in the business world they can simply say, "It's evolution baby." and relieve his or her tormented conscious for a moment, because, well, aren't they being scientific about their evil ways. Now before you say "oh well but science and business are separate you doughhead," let me say that you're naive if you believe such a thing as that. Most of the "science" that gets done in this world is paid for by the business community. Here's an example: MTV is a huge corporate entity that lives and dies by the cut throat ideals of evolutionary theory so it's only natural that they would release a cartoonishly nihilistic and cruel music video by Pearl Jam called "Do the Evolution." The song isn't about the science of evolution, it's about a belief that one should have about the world. Everyone is evil especially those who believe in God. I can imagine when they fire someone at MTV they just send the person to a room with a small black and white TV and a VCR. The person is asked to rewind the VHS tape and watch it. It plays Do the Evolution for an hour and they are then asked to take this charitable scientific lesson and leave. Anyway, this is evolution. It's all an illusion that serves rich people in crushing poor people. I mean I understand if you keep believing it's true because it's coming to the point where you probably won't even be able to get a job if you don't believe in it but this is the truth of it. Here's the same lesson from the massive media conglomerate News Corp which owns Fox and the enduringly popular Simpsons: This is how evolution becomes a reality to all. Not through cold hard science but through the pictures of flaky artists like myself. Science: "This is how dinosaurs look" "Wait, now they look like this" "Or wait, maybe this was it, hold on a sec, I'm thinking" "Okay, wait, I got it. I went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and I've come back with dinosaur science. Here it is"
  13. It's strange that people believe the field of religion is the only one open to human error. Here's a strange logical error in Modern Scientific thought: "There's no hell. We proved it. We have discovered that the inside of the earth is a huge molten fire." Now that is an amazing commitment to the practice of Orwellian doublethink. Oh, and before you say, "But the very center is solid you filthy nincompoop!!" in a strange coincidence Dante wrote in the 14th century that the center of hell is a giant ball of ice that encases traitors who betray the confidence of those who have reason to trust them. In this world We walk on the roof of hell Gazing at flowers Kobayashi Issa
  14. Thank you, but I am simple humble prism for spreading colors of Nickelback's radiant white light into eye retinas of everyone.
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