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  1. I will suggest : Secret Files 1 : Tunguska http://store.steampowered.com/app/40330/
  2. How much the Art Style for Speacial Edition will shift from original Day of the Tentacle game ?
  3. Maniac Mansion .... cause well ... Thimbleweed Park is kinda getting the hipster in me. Yayyyy
  4. I don't get why people is complaining. Sounds like a very logical and addecuate response to a given situation.
  5. As a big OCaml and Scala fan all I can say is : Magnificent Post !
  6. As a big OCaml and Scala fan all I can say is : Magnificent Post !
  7. "Toraumagochi" A social simulation game in wich you are a tiger/horse hybrid monster who must help people overcome their traumas and fears , but since you are a monster , people will fear you and start attacking you , so you must find a way to calm them down and make them trust you , also you must feed , keep an hyguiene and dress yourself propperly. EDIT : Yes , it's inspired on GTO. Wich is rather obvious , actually.
  8. Just a little question ... Anybody has any idea what's the version of Unity being used , i checked in https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/bad-golf-community-edition/wiki/tech-brainstorming but it wasn't very helpful.
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