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  1. I think at least Starcraft 2 supports this, as well as some other games I've played. Can't really remember which ones. Btw, I would like to commend you on the full screen handeling for this game. I don't think I have seen many games that switch to proper full screen and back as fast as Broken Age does (at least on my machine) . Well done I was seriously impressed
  2. I suggested "Schism" in the poll. I thought there already might be a game like that, but a quick glance at google didn't turn up anything. It seems to me the definition of the word fits the plot of the game quite snugly
  3. I miss the "No, I'm already in over my head!" option... I'm in the $100 tier + $10 for international shipping. I hope that's enough for the game, the goodies, and a bit extra. So rather than "I've already paid", I'd like think of it as "I've backed the project a fair bit already". We weren't buying the game, we were supporting the project, and getting stuff as perks in the process. But it's also as much as I was willing to spend. That being said, I think DF will make a Fine... DOUBLE FINE game with the money they already got from backers ;-)
  4. Its not fair! This is amazing..if this is what your try-outs/pre-viz-es looks like, the actual game must be awesome! WHICH MAKES WAITING FOR IT THAT MUCH HARDER ;D
  5. Hold on a sec... I said it worked before... in Chrome! It does stream in Internet explorer 9 here, but there is no full screen button when I play it IE9. So no, cannot use full screen in IE9.
  6. That's because you're not buying the book you're supporting the project, and because you are so awesome as to give them a lot of money, you get an artbook as a thankyou. If they would give rewards equal in value to the tier you pick, there would be no money to make the game! But yeah since they tell you the rewards before hand, it kinda feels like you're buying something. But it's actually meant as a motivator for you to pitch in those extra bucks!
  7. Well would you look at that! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1005365109/jane-jensens-pinkerton-road-2012-2013-csg/posts/223598
  8. Awesome info Greg! Thanks for sharing! Nice to see you guys sharing this detailed information. It also paints a picture of what's involved. Really nice. Now hurry up with a first little documentary. Already aced Psychonauts (for the second time, third playthrough) apart from the blasted minigame, and I'm dying for a video update :-)
  9. Finished Psychonauts for the 3rd time this weekend. Got all the items, figments, and whatnot, but can't seem to finish the darn punching mini-game. Even with a controller !! ... So still no level 101 achievement for me Oh and I missed the first scene of the "Made man" achievement...
  10. Agreed with OP: For me: Grim Fandango was perfect in terms of length and content. I will go out of my mind if DF Adventure is going to be that good! But I will still very gratefully accept it, if it turns out to be a bit shorter ;-)
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