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  1. I had success with Windows 7 in VirtualBox, my Linux comrades.
  2. I believe the incantation is hidden in the border. And to further complicate it, I believe the incantation isn't hidden bitwise, but visually. I'm very familiar with compression artifacts and these don't look like compression artifacts. In some places, there is a very tight pattern as well.
  3. Upload somewhere and let us see It's the executable, but properly extracted (ie no trailing data)
  4. Maybe there's a hint to finding the incantation in this text? Has everything mentioned been done already? Yeah I was thinking about that - presumably the "Images can contain words" was a reference to the password in the splashscreen image, but we haven't really done anything that maps to "Words can produce images" Actually I think that was referring to the magic eye text.
  5. I think that's referring to the password used to decrypt the executable, not the "incantation" we need to enter once you run the decrypted executable. So, back to the border, are we? I'm out of other ideas as to where the incantation could be hiding.
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