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  1. A new puzzle...

    Looked quickly, and seems data matrix can be 9x9 http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/wiki/Data_Matrix And here are the two redone as 9x9 pixel black&white;
  2. A new puzzle...

    I wasn't sure where to post that, so thanks to have reposted my tweet ! Now didn't had a lot of time to dedicate to it but here is my first thought : You can see that things are divided into square, and each square with either \ or /, with sometime a dot at one intersection. I think things may be a binary encoding of some sort (two state possible per square \ or /) with dot marking separation maybe? (but unlikely, they just seem to be in between lozenge, so maybe only "cosmetic" to throw us off...) Or I may be totally off, maybe it's something obvious I'm missing. Any theory is welcome =D
  3. HacknSlashAnnounce

    Well the text do mention "true reverser". Digging throught the exe IS reverse engineering... Also looking a bit more at the disassembly, it seems to grab some basic hardware info from your pc. Meaning the Incantation must be set to something different for every pc.... Which is why I guess it's called "YOUR" invocation... But hey, you got a list of all of them no?
  4. HacknSlashAnnounce

    It is encrypted I think, both pass & result, as there is reference to a LibTomCrypt. I found the jnz that jump out of the subroutine if you didn't enter the right pass in PE Explorer, but impossible to find it again in OllyDbg to modify it to a jz...
  5. HacknSlashAnnounce

    There is a reference to DbgUiRemoteBreakin which is a function handling remote debugging. So trying to attach debugger to running process, not a lot of success so far. Disassembling the exe also, trying to find where the string are compared to the one entered, and find by reverse the right one.