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    Psychonuats 9th year
  1. Psychonuats 9th year

    Psychonauts is 9 years old and next year is it's 10th anniversary
  2. Costumes you want to see

    (psychonuats) Raz costume.
  3. In 2015 Psychonauts will be 10 years old. should something special happen on the 10th anniversary?
  4. I'm sorry shay I didn't mean to talk about your shower.
  5. marek true form? in part 2?

    is marek realy a wolf fox hybrid? or could he be a a human or maybe a demon in disguise? will Part 2 of broken age reveal marek's true form?
  6. What if Raz sung Let it go?

    Raz would have sing let it go while he runaway from the circus to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp maybe some of the lyrics would be different.
  7. Luna and Friends

    if Luna and friends game was made It would comeout on PC,Nintendo 3ds,WiiU,PS4 and Xbox. What is a Vectrex?
  8. Luna and Friends

    8 games 8 main characters I'm sure that's a good game.
  9. Luna and Friends

    there 8 playable characters Luna,Lizo,Florabloom,Sunny salamander,Shadow the shadow,Peter pumpkin,Holy giftbox and Multico monkey Gamplay as Luna. use ghost powers to collect stuff even collcet hidden stuff Gamplay as Lizo. eat many different Bugs Gameplay as Flora bloom. grow fruit and vegetables and protect the plants from bugs and give the plants water and sunlight Gameplay as Sunny salamander. surf to the tops of mountains Gameplay as shadow the shadow. chase away King crow with shadow powers Gameplay as Peter pumpkin. Escpae Halloween land land with out loosing a life Gameplay as Holly giftbox. Give the colored elves the right giftbox Game play as multico monkey. color the coloring book
  10. Sonic Boom

    kunckles has to many muscles
  11. http://zomg20.deviantart.com/art/luna-and-friends-2014-432507590 Luna and friends is my olny own seires that I focus on besides everything else.
  12. https://twitter.com/RichardHorvitz Richard Horvitz is cool.
  13. Raz dose errand cartoon short

    Raz picks up coffee for sasha nine hoever crazy things happen while raz dose sasha's errand.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/user/shaamex2
  15. Psychonauts short Cartoons?

    @ Doubble fine please make Psychonauts short Cartoons.