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  1. I disagree. And if you are correct I am seriously disappointed. I don't think the "younger audience" you are referring to would have been backing millions of dollars for a genre they never played. Those of us who backed enjoy adventure games. Now, that being said, if this game was indeed focused towards a younger audience, then why even tempt long time adventure game fans with an "adventure game"? Side note: Steam will tell you how long the game has been open for. If you go into "Load Game" it will tell you how long your game was played. I played through twice. The first time was when I took my time and went through the majority of dialogue trees completely (For instance, I read every cereal box, very amusing) and my time was just over 1 hour 45 minutes. When I played through again, my goal was to make sure there wasn't any "side-quest" or similar that I had skipped over which caused me to miss a section of the game. Sadly there was not. I did realize until the second time through that you can have a conversation with Gus. The first time through I accidentally fell on him before ever having a chance to talk to him. I thought for the longest time I would be giving him the oversized cloud shoes, but I never found him?! Not until the second time through at least.
  2. To add to serjay, once the maidens are preoccupied, you can have their perfume.
  3. I remember Monkey taking me 25+ hours. Still worth the money, but I agree with everything you said.
  4. Not sure where you came up with them creating an engine... http://gamasutra.com/view/news/169585/Double_Fines_Kickstarterfunded_adventure_game_to_use_the_Luabased_Moai_platform.php
  5. Completely agree. The style is super unique and I loved the different settings. I rarely found myself double-clicking to quick skip through the area, as I enjoyed looking at the scenery. And Red Herrings are exactly what was missing. Things to throw you off would have been good. And it seemed there were less out of the box work arounds. For example (Just from watching the documentary) when Tim Schafer was playing old Point/Click's and they showed the puzzle trying to get into a warehouse but the door continuing to close. Putting the lock on the overhead door and using the chain to climb over the wall was unexpected. BA was missing unexpected solutions. I think if this would have been advertised more as a reminiscent game, I would have had a much different approach. But looking at it through this perspective I would have expected more of a "stroll"
  6. Don't get me wrong, I thought the visuals were compelling, the score is magnificent and the story is awesome! I do not regret buying at all. I guess I overestimated the difficulty and length this game would be. Maybe there will be an option in the final version like in Monkey where you could choose to have the more difficult puzzles. Truth is, I probably didn't want to stop playing so I got butthurt because 4 hours was a tease
  7. Especially when the Description on Steam says: A whole bunch of awesome PUZZLES This one really hard puzzle that you won't get but you'll look it up online and not tell anybody I'm curious what the really hard puzzle was? Or the multitude of puzzle. I guess I was expecting puzzles with layers. Not one item to solve one puzzle. They lacked complexity and inter-item manipulations. Example, Monkey Island having to find needle, cork, magnet, water, etc and put them all together to make a compass was not nearly as obvious as using a spoon to eat...
  8. The Curse of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango were much, much longer and much more difficult. The puzzle this time around were simply too obvious.
  9. So looks like millions of dollars raised equals 8 hours of gameplay... Woo....
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