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  1. Those legalese you quoted should not scare you or seem odd at all. Google Analytics has had that wording for a very long time. Google Analytics is not a bad thing. I work for a large e-commerce company, and we - as well as pretty much any large site out there - uses GA. It's always to tailor the site (or in this case game) better to the actual demographics who are using it. For example, if we see we have middle-aged women from Florida viewing certain products on our site, we will buy and design a lot more beach-themed items.
  2. I would guess they wouldn't want that because I'm sure they plan on cut the video to their own music.
  3. I work at an e-commerce company as their creative director, and seeing the scene with Tim and Dave talking about Marek's animations was all too familiar and tough to watch. Someone might do something that is really good and artistically intact but is just wrong for the project. So you try to first tell them that gently and feel out how you're going to tell them, and when they keep pushing and you see you just need to stop and move forward, you do have to make that slight attitude turn that Tim does. It's always awkward, but you have to hope they can see it from your point of view at the end of the day.
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