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  1. since it's replacing the whole file a.k.a. loads the mod with priority over the standard files, we can't simply write add ons, but have to mirror the whole file or write a dependance (that would be mirrored for all mods loaded) in the mod to load the standard files? Not a good system, imo.
  2. Wanted to select my residence room to assign beds for the newcomers. 0.23 seconds before the mouse down registered, the big one was triggered. In the end I pushed one of the two buttons and had no clue what was going on. Thank god I just completed a ring of turrets aroudn the whole hull and in front of the airlock like 2 minutes earlier.
  3. 1st, we need to display unassigned beds. 2nd, when selecting a bed and trying to assign a citizen, it should present a list of citizen sorted assigned->unassigned instead of you trying to hunt down the crew member. 3rd, reversal of 2 with clicking assign on residence less citizen. 4th, additionaly simply click into a residence room and it selects the first free bed when clicking assign in citizen admin menu
  4. I really don't know what they thought when they introduced the affinity system. The tantrums and what-not made it only worse. Losing is fun? Sir, no, sir! When I'm racing against three variables... - depression from lack of fun and socialization (pub+gym) - basicly everyone is a gaurmant (depression from synthFood) - constant attacks and infections ...without being able to do anything about it, it is me who's throwing a tandrum. The game was really promising in it's early stages, but why oh why has it dropped down to 33% tops fun (my opinion)? As it is, not recomended.
  5. The only thing I can reply to this, DF will hurt from this. I enjoy(ed) being a beta-backer, but Space Base added the last drop to a barrel that's already filled to the rim with disappointment. Future games (not only DF ones) being offered as early access will have to survive an extra harsh scrutiny, sadly.
  6. Since sourcecode is released, I believe modders will take the game for a ride. The first thing changed will be the Oxygen/Pressure system for sure, but we'll have to see what's happening until then.
  7. Since the overlay is on ; people on an non-us keyboard will be introuble trying to activate that...
  8. It's possible I massively broke the code of the password check, but the graphical display of the code as machines throws me for a loop. Anyway, I cant get the wall open again. Tried diving into a moawai to stop the init and ended up rewinding time because the code broke.
  9. I havent played the prototypes, I didnt follow development, I just hit buy at 1 minute left on the discount counter, and now I wonder if the game is supposed to start at Act 2 and who alice is when the protagonist sounds rather male.
  10. last time i checked they go down in three hits.
  11. Icons and healthbars on the roster. Sounds good. Could use the "unasigned" coloumn for these.
  12. 203

    Space Janitors?

    It's planned already.
  13. I agree the way antivirals desinfect everything in a specified area only is a bit weird when they're only purifying air and bound to life support rooms.
  14. If the enemy cant see any vulnerable, there wont be any hostile dockings. Most of the time. I've seen enemys dock with airlocks before.
  15. Another way is to have specific settings for situations. for example Hostile invader -> Lethal Riot -> Non-Lethal
  16. Throw a tandrum and vandalize the forums.
  17. I like it, but the hostiles need to register with the other refugees properly, or you'll get only a pile of matter and a few pirates when opening that derelict...
  18. I've got 101. Anyway... While we're at it, I'd like to request starting crew is always at least one ** builder, one ** tech and one ** miner with at least indifferent affinity. You need that to get a base rolling, everything else just screams "open your helmet in space".
  19. I want two kinds of brigs - one asylum style premium hardware for vandalizing madmen, the other chinese rat(!) hole for invaders. Imagine hostile tribbles nibbling away at captives that are recycled then.
  20. my last alpha 5 base was supposed to be a 6+1 room layout with 4 major rooms (residence, pub, garden, gym) 15x15 / resp 16x15 (gym/res) and two minor ones (infirmary & research) 4xN (variable) surrounded by a big generator room full of turrets, corridor in the middle 3x(31+walls+walkway besides inf+res) Life support with standard scrubbers and antivirals, surrounding hallway 5 wide for modified recyclers. In my opinion that was the best possible layout prior to A6- alas, A6 hit first.
  21. spacev.exe is the dev's debug tool with enhanced options, like a complete console and probably a way to have a look at the decision tree. They dont want us to poke around in there.
  22. 203

    Oh oh....

    Well...shit that's what i thought as well, non the less because of the 15x16 community rooms I used until now.
  23. Post obscure references and funny mentions in here. Base Seed inforpanel: Manpage not found, guru meditiation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guru_Meditation An amiga crash, or unrecoverable error.
  24. I started 4 new bases now, just to get some numbers. Seriously, how am I supposed to establish a base when the people I'm given hate all the important start positions (builder, tech and doctor) - especially when they have 3 star qualification in that jobs‽‽‽
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