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  1. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/3477/ Maybe stickify that?
  2. The demo had different languages available, activated when you set the default language in the system setup; German was one of them.
  3. EVERYONE who ever played online has it. Just get your 50 win achievement honestly and it's virtually impossible to not catch it.
  4. So, how does this relate to Steel Battalion then? Iron < Steel, but Brigade > Battalion. I'm confused!
  5. Typical gamer sense of entitlement based on flawed comparisons. PSN and XBLA discounts work differently. Most XBLA deals (dunno whether the Stacking deal was included) are Gold exclusive, meaning you have to pay to get them. They're equivalent to Plus deals. And as you noted, you had one of those at launch. Maybe you'll get another one later where the game gets discounted and you can keep it even if your subscription runs out. Plus, nobody with an ounce of business sense announces deals way ahead of time. You'll have to either continue waiting or buy it at full price.
  6. No, those things work over an invisible ID that can, in principle, stay the same. Localized game names happen from time to time already and don't seem to cause problems.
  7. /me smells a trademark troll.
  8. Bought here as well. Aren't those sales getting a little too predictable and too soon after the releases of the games? I wonder how many people like me are practically only buying from XBLA when there's a discount. I mean, sure, you need to wait a couple of months and need to stay away from certain forums for a bit, but hey, twice the games for the same money! So I'm wondering whether the certainty of a soonish sale hurts the developers more than the increased number of units shifted during sales helps them.
  9. Have you tried setting the language to German inside the game menu, then? Hast du schon versucht, die Sprache im Spiel auf Deutsch umzustellen?
  10. Check this older thread, it may be of use: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/3477/
  11. It would have been posted in one of the stickies, dontchathink?
  12. It's never too early to introduce the offspring to dark and twisted doublefiny humor. I'm for Cookie eating Elmo at some point.Will this be released internationally? With dubs from the voices that do the monsters in the respective regions' shows?
  13. Yeah, that applies to all PS+ free games, and was announced way back when PS+ launched. If you don't like it, just don't get PS+. I certainly won't for the foreseeable future.
  14. Maybe someone will make an unofficial retro sequel with 8 bit graphics and chiptune metal! Hey, I'd play it.
  15. Yes, and it isn't particularly good at making the learning process easy or fun. Sure, it introduces pretty much every element in the story missions, but only the Ironheade units and DT actions are introduced properly. And treating your army as anything else than a huge mob you only move as a whole is really cumbersome. It's the game's job to be fun any way the player chooses to play (if that path is a reasonable one aimed at success; jumping into the nearest abyss over and over again doesn't need to be fun). Say, a RPG allows you to heal up by either using spells, potions or sitting around an hour without doing anything without danger of random encounters. I'm the kind of guy who picks the 'sit around' option to save on potions and mana (and I'm very good at spotting less obvious exploits of that kind) and I'll blame the game for being boring for offering me that path.And if a significant portion of gamers or reviewers don't 'get' how to 'play the game properly' (as the Destructoid guy clearly didn't, being forced to turn down the difficulty), that's also the game's fault.
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