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    Played almost every LucasArts Point & Click games ! =D - Maniac Mansion + Day of the Tentacle - Loom - The Secret of Monkey Island + LeChuck's Revenge + The Curse of Monkey Island + Escape from Monkey Island - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Sam & Max Hit the Road - Full Throttle - The Dig - Grim Fandango - Brütal Legend x) - Broken Age =D
  1. I think “Mieux vaut perdre un A que perdre un I” should be sufficient... If you have a little sense of humour, you will associate "un I" with "un nid". =} By the way, I would have written this : “Mieux vaut perdre un A que de perdre un I” I'm wondering if it could be more correct that way...
  2. At the beginning, in the house, I can hear Vella's mother on the left speaker, while she's in the center of the screen. Anyone else can confirm this ?
  3. It says "Thanks for purchasing Broken Age Kickstarter ($15 Tier) -or- Slacker Backer ($30 Tier)!". There's only the Steam beta key.
  4. I backed the game with $30 and the soundtrack doesn't appear on my Humble Library. =/
  5. I also think that it shouldn't look like that, it's not very pretty...
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