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  1. small bases are too expensive to keep them working, the only solution is to not construct them but the big one (or several), imho
  2. fair enough and honest, thanks. happy holidays!
  3. whaaaat? are you one of dev's or just talking here? sorry for plain dealing, but players are testing your alpha for free here you know
  4. hello rangers! i ain't able to play further because of game crushes, unfurtunately - every 5-10 min's or something. so, the base of mine is this like someone in the thread challenged players and i accepted :coolsmile: more than 100 habitants in a single room 11 in one airdock there are some 5 derelicts on the map - about 20-30k of matter more, and more coming =) seems like i could make progress much more of this all, but sadness. devs! thanks for cool game, please do something with stability! i discovered if an autosave is switched off, game runs, but there's a huge chance (99% i suppose) it won't be saved when you save exiting. one more trouble i met - after about 70 people - ihad to play on standard speed, because on bigger speed air pressure in all rooms falls dramatically for unknown reason. and that's reeeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy slow growing, you know the region i deployed p.s. killbot looking for pray? for freedom maybe ;-) thanks to thread writers for ideas and good luck
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