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  1. I've been rewatching "Heat" (1995), still holds up really well.
  2. Guess Who's Back. Back Again. Yes He's Back. AnAnemoneInAnonymity's back. Tell A Friend ...
  3. Nice picture and really good work!
  4. Because "Age" is a terrible name for a game. Why do you think so?
  5. I watched Gravity, good movie! Such movies suggest an idea. The situation to which astronauts got, really terrifies. In 99.9% no chance to get back home. There is no place to wait for the help in the infinite space. Even the man with nerves of steel and muscles of iron could begin to panic. Sorry for my English guys. I'm not a native English speaker,so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Coolsome, my congratulations! MGS franchise is my favorite video game series of all time.
  7. The Banner Saga is an interesting game for me this year. The most interesting thing in it that I never loved strategy, and tactic games. The Banner Saga has beautiful graphics and cutscenes. The game has some good looking gameplay which reminds me the Disciples game.
  8. Good work Noname215. I didn't know about Fan-fiction before, but now I know.
  9. Both games are very similar but Origins imo plays way better and has the better story. But in my opinion Arkham Asylum has a darker story.
  10. Yeah I agree with you! HL2 is 8 years old and still looks good.
  11. [del]If anybody wants a code FORTIX 2 on steam pm me please)[/del] That's All Folks!
  12. [del]I have a copy of A Valley Without Wind and if you want it, just comment or PM me. [/del] Edit: Sent to Permafry_42 member
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