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  1. Holy moly, this is SO COOL! Thanks for sharing it, I can't wait to see any other Psychonauts fan art like this from you!
  2. Awesome! I'll definitely be picking this up as well!
  3. Oh lord, ain't that the truth!!!
  4. Thanks for this! You're always so on top of the latest Psychonauts news!
  5. Thank you so much! I pretty much exclusively use Copic multiliner pens for black ink work like this, and whenever I color it's almost always Copic markers and/or Prismacolor pencils (or mechanical pencil, as in the Sasha/Milla stargazing one above). What can I say, I'm a creature of habit. This piece is on 11 x 14" smooth Bristol board (also a favorite of mine) and several pens died during its creation, haha!
  6. I've been working on this one FOREVER. Finally done! This happened when I flipped through my Gustave Doré illustration book in the middle of playing Psychonauts. I just really wanted to draw a slightly creepier G-man, and then it kind of got out of hand.
  7. Thank you, everyone! So with the release of Rhombus of Ruin (which I ADORED, and is the only reason I bought a VR), I had to do some new art, and started with (of course) Sasha and Milla. I looove that Sasha is a space nerd, so here's a picture of them out star gazing and discussing the wonders (and potential wonders) of the universe.
  8. Oh man, sorry, can't tell by looking at this image. I do have two ideas for you, though: first, the easiest place to miss figments in her mind seems to be on the race course or in the giant fan room. Second, make sure you check your journal in each area of her mind - it will tell you at least which section you're missing a figment in. Good luck!
  9. Neat! Forgive my ignorance, but what program did you use for this?
  10. I stayed up till 4 AM last night playing it all the way through, and I am utterly delighted! As a long-time Psychonauts mega-fan, this brought a tear to my eye, and it was so incredibly fun. Hearing those characters again, seeing them interact, learning more little details about them and their world... just amazing. And what a beautiful world it is! Excellent work to absolutely everyone involved in making this game, thank you so, so much. I am terrible at puzzle games so it took me longer than 2 hours, but that's fine because there's lots of lovely dialogue to listen to while I bumble around ineffectively, LOL! I laughed out loud by myself several times, and when the villain surprised me I literally jumped. Now that I have slept and eaten, I'm off for a second play through, this time even slower to try and ferret out every little detail I can find! Congrats and again, a HUGE thank you to everyone on the team who worked so hard, and to Sony for giving them the platform to do it!
  11. I have a pretty strong feeling the answer to that question is gonna be "You'll have to wait and see", LOL!
  12. OK, a few more: Was there anything that you guys had intended or wanted to have in Rhombus of Ruin that didn't fit or work, so you're bumping it to Psychonauts 2? Obviously I don't expect you to spoil anything for Psychonauts 2, but it would be interesting to know if intended story/character material had to get put on hold till the upcoming 2D platforming game rather than the VR game, whether for time, storyline, format or other restraints. If you could have added anything else to the game that didn't make it in, what would it have been? Conversely, was there anything that you had intended to, but weren't able to put in Psychonauts 1 that finally got to come to light here in Rhombus of Ruin? What parts are the team most proud of? What were some of the most challenging obstacles you ran into, as this is your first VR game? What were the most fun parts of working on this game? The least-fun parts? How long did it take to create, from start to finish? How many people on the team got sick, and how often, while testing out how this game was going to play?
  13. This is truly wonderful, so much fun!!! Off to pre-order now! The 21st can't come soon enough! Good job Asif and 2PP, and whoever did the vocals here deserves major props - very Shirley Bassey-esque.
  14. Yet another question, haha! Sorry if you're sick of me.... Were there any ideas that you were unable to implement in Rhombus of Ruin due to the fact that it's VR? I know you've talked a little bit about some things in interviews, such as removing time limits for certain puzzles (like moving the time bomb down a hallway), but just wondering if there were any more. Were there puzzles that still made it in but that had to be altered and tweaked in a creative way to make it work, and how was that process?
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