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  1. On 5/10/2017 at 11:47 AM, EMarley said:

    Starbreeze  Starstream with Tim about Psychonauts 2.

    Tim does a short intro to Psychonauts 2 at 1:35:14:


    And about 5 min later, a roundtable of veterans of the industry including Tim:


    EDIT: Hey, new costume for Raz in the first one! I like it :)Clip of the new engine footage.

    Thanks for this!  You're always so on top of the latest Psychonauts news! ^_^

  2. 6 hours ago, EMarley said:

    No, that G-Man is awesome! I love the chameleon-like eyes, fitting for a master of disguise. Your cross-hatching is so precise, it's so satisfying to look at. What type of pen(s) do you use?

    I hadn't seen the new Sasha and Milla pic, it's so pretty!

    Thank you so much!  I pretty much exclusively use Copic multiliner pens for black ink work like this, and whenever I color it's almost always Copic markers and/or Prismacolor pencils (or mechanical pencil, as in the Sasha/Milla stargazing one above).  What can I say, I'm a creature of habit.  This piece is on 11 x 14" smooth Bristol board (also a favorite of mine) and several pens died during its creation, haha!

  3. I've been working on this one FOREVER.  Finally done!  
    This happened when I flipped through my Gustave Doré illustration book in the middle of playing Psychonauts.  I just really wanted to draw a slightly creepier G-man, and then it kind of got out of hand.



  4. Thank you, everyone! ^_^

    So with the release of Rhombus of Ruin (which I ADORED, and is the only reason I bought a VR), I had to do some new art, and started with (of course) Sasha and Milla.  I looove that Sasha is a space nerd, so here's a picture of them out star gazing and discussing the wonders (and potential wonders) of the universe.



  5. Oh man, sorry, can't tell by looking at this image.  I do have two ideas for you, though:  first, the easiest place to miss figments in her mind seems to be on the race course or in the giant fan room.  Second, make sure you check your journal in each area of her mind - it will tell you at least which section you're missing a figment in.

    Good luck!

  6. I stayed up till 4 AM last night playing it all the way through, and I am utterly delighted!  As a long-time Psychonauts mega-fan, this brought a tear to my eye, and it was so incredibly fun.  Hearing those characters again, seeing them interact, learning more little details about them and their world... just amazing.  And what a beautiful world it is!  Excellent work to absolutely everyone involved in making this game, thank you so, so much.  I am terrible at puzzle games so it took me longer than 2 hours, but that's fine because there's lots of lovely dialogue to listen to while I bumble around ineffectively, LOL!  I laughed out loud by myself several times, and when the villain surprised me I literally jumped.  Now that I have slept and eaten, I'm off for a second play through, this time even slower to try and ferret out every little detail I can find!
    Congrats and again, a HUGE thank you to everyone on the team who worked so hard, and to Sony for giving them the platform to do it!


  7. OK, a few more:  Was there anything that you guys had intended or wanted to have in Rhombus of Ruin that didn't fit or work, so you're bumping it to Psychonauts 2?  Obviously I don't expect you to spoil anything for Psychonauts 2, but it would be interesting to know if intended story/character material had to get put on hold till the upcoming 2D platforming game rather than the VR game, whether for time, storyline, format or other restraints.  If you could have added anything else to the game that didn't make it in, what would it have been?

    Conversely, was there anything that you had intended to, but weren't able to put in Psychonauts 1 that finally got to come to light here in Rhombus of Ruin?

    What parts are the team most proud of?  What were some of the most challenging obstacles you ran into, as this is your first VR game?  What were the most fun parts of working on this game?  The least-fun parts?  How long did it take to create, from start to finish?  How many people on the team got sick, and how often, while testing out how this game was going to play? 

  8. Yet another question, haha!  Sorry if you're sick of me....  :$

    Were there any ideas that you were unable to implement in Rhombus of Ruin due to the fact that it's VR? I know you've talked a little bit about some things in interviews, such as removing time limits for certain puzzles (like moving the time bomb down a hallway), but just wondering if there were any more.  Were there puzzles that still made it in but that had to be altered and tweaked in a creative way to make it work, and how was that process?

  9. I'm also hoping for a physical release at some point!  

    Two more thoughts/questions, one of which is very stupid:
    First, I'm sensing a very Bioshock-esque feel/look to this game from the latest video preview released: the guys in the diving suits (though it seems they may actually be biohazard/irradiation suits), the leaky underwater setting, and the sort of mid-century vintage aesthetic to the clicker and the informative slideshow.  Was there any conscious influence from Bioshock to this game, or is it mostly just a result of being in similar underwater settings?
    Second, that bit of Milla in the nightmare school bus delusion/hallucination (at least, I HOPE it's a hallucination!) made me think of the bus scene in Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.  Is that just a coincidence?  LOL!

  10. 38 minutes ago, Anemone said:

    I won't be able to play it because I don't plan to buy a PSVR. At least not any time soon. Too expensive and not enough value in it for me. I'd like to experience it as much as the next die-hard Psychonauts fan, but I can't say that I'm *bitter* about it. I'll just watch a Let's Play or something if I have to.

    Totally.  God bless the Let's Plays.

  11. 3 hours ago, Anemone said:

    I'm sorry to be contrarian, but exclusives are not bad for everyone. They are good for the platform owner because more units of that platform will be sold if it has exclusives. If people can just buy everything on PC, then fewer people will buy consoles. It is the right of the platform owner to have content exclusive to their platform. Nintendo does this with their intellectual property (Mario, Zelda, etc) and Sony does it with their own in-house published IPs. This is also good for consumers in a more abstract/qualitative way. If you buy a certain console and the only games that end up being available on it are games you could have gotten somewhere else, then it feels a little more like a waste of money. If there are more games on that console that you could not get anywhere else, it feels more like a good investment.

    When it comes to third parties, things get a little more complicated. In a lot of cases, third parties just want to sell their game to as many people as possible, so they try to get it onto as many platforms as possible. Double Fine is a third party developer and always tries to do this as much as possible. Brutal Legend and Psychonauts were both originally trapped on consoles because the publisher still held the rights to them. But as soon as DF got the rights back, they released them on PC as soon as they could. But there are other more unique situations. For example, Microsoft cut a special deal with DF to create a couple of games specifically for the kinect. Those games were published by microsoft, for microsoft's platform, for the purpose of attracting people to microsoft's platform and the kinect, and DF agreed to help them with that. They turned out to be some of the better games on the kinect, but that is the only place you can play them.

    We are looking at a similar situation here (as far as I understand). Sony has a deal with DF where DF is making a game specifically for PSVR as a PSVR exclusive for the purpose of attracting more people to PSVR. Sony is not in the wrong for doing that and it makes economic sense for them to do it. From DF's point of view it makes economic sense because it's another funded project. It's good for PSVR owners, because it feels like a good investment to have games on the platform they invested in that are only available on that platform. It could turn out that, sometime down the road, RoR ends up on other VR platforms the same way that Brutal Legend and Psychonauts eventually escaped consoles and made the jump to PC. But if it turns out to be a PSVR exclusive forever, then neither DF nor Sony have done anything wrong by having that deal.

    The only people exclusives are bad for are people who don't own or want (or can't afford) the platform. Which might be disappointing, but it doesn't mean DF/Sony are to blame for the existence of competition in the marketplace.

    *applauds*  Thank you for another excellent post regarding this.  Business is business, and everyone involved in making games is trying to pay their bills.  I'm bummed out by how much people are complaining about the PSVR exclusivity of Rhombus of Ruin rather than being super pumped that A.) we're getting it at all and B.) we're ALSO getting Psychonauts 2 in the near future, no doubt on more accessible platforms for more players.  

  12. 51 minutes ago, dangeROSS said:

    I don't have a Vive or PSVR but I am interested in them. However I can't say that I am "upset" that I can't play the game.  It would be neat to see all DoubleFine's games on all platforms, but I think we as fans also need to understand the logistical and monetary issues involved with creating games.

    I don't think there is any need for fear or concern about all their content being exclusive to certain platforms at this point. This is just one game. And a bit of a special case at that, considering it is a VR game being released in the early days of VR. Looking at Doublefine's past output they generally try to get their games out on multiple platforms when possible.

    We don't know the specifics of how Rhombus of Ruin even came to be - It might be a case where the game might not have ever even been developed without Sony's assistance. Wasn't that the case with Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U? I know folks were kind upset that Bayonetta 2 ending up being an exclusive on a Nintendo system, but my understanding is that if Nintendo didn't put down the capital to make the game it never would have been made at all. In my mind I'd rather something cool like this get the chance to be made and end up being exclusive rather then never being made at all.

    This game will help to:

    -Introduce more folks to the P-nauts franchise and get the brand name out there being a PSVR game when there aren't many.

    -Maybe help improve some relations with companies like Sony.

    -And also help introduce the Doublefine team to developing in VR.

    Which are all positives as going forward this will undoubtedly benefit us - the fans.

    So yea, even though I can't currently play the game like some other fans might not be able to, other people will. And it will help Doublefine and Psychonauts. So I say look at the bright side of the situation here. 

    Thank you for making this post.  I recognize that it's frustrating and disappointing for many big-time Psychonauts fans to be unable to play this game, but I'm with you: on the whole, this game existing at all is a positive thing!  From my understanding, it sounds like Sony went to many game developers - including Double Fine - to have games made for particularly for their VR system.  Double Fine chose Psychonauts, and Sony went along with that (and paid for it).  So yeah, it seems safe to say that without Sony, Rhombus of Ruin would have never been made.

  13. Guys, this has already been answered/addressed on another thread.  It's been made pretty clear that Sony/Playstation has funded this game, therefore they make the rules.  It's not something Double Fine has any control over (at least not at this point - again, see the aforementioned other thread) and obviously they would love to make it more widely available if it was within their power to do so.  So if you have a problem with platform exclusivity in this case, you should take it to Sony, not Double Fine.  While it sucks that Sony has limited how many fans will be able to play this game, personally I'd rather have this than no game at all - which, let's face it - how many of us thought we'd be getting ANY additional Psychonauts games not that long ago?  We should be glad Sony was willing to pay for a game from an older franchise like Psychonauts.  On the whole, I'd say it's good that this game exists - while it's not entirely the same, I'm sure that eventually there will be Let's Plays on Youtube so that fans without PSVR can at least experience the story.

  14. Another question:  Tim has said he's had ideas for a Psychonauts sequel for years.  How much does RoR fit into those ideas?  Was the rescue of Truman always a part of the hypothetical Psychonauts 2, or did the rescue mission get fleshed out more than previously imagined for RoR?  Did your ideas for that mission have to change much in order to be a stand-alone game (and a VR game on top of that)?

  15. Dang... this (plus the Psychonauts and Broken Age records) is almost enough to push me into buying a record player.... but considering I bought a PSVR just for Rhombus of Ruin, I should probably exercise some self control.  Though I might buy this just because it's gorgeous (and keep my fingers crossed for a digital or CD Headlander soundtrack in the future)!


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