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  1. More Psychonauts art. Got this one signed by Tim at the Double Fine party at PAX NW last fall! I can't wait till I have new canon Psychonauts lore to draw from when Rhombus of Ruin comes out soon!
  2. OK, I think I've got one, let's see if I can articulate properly: In the first game, there was a LOT of dialogue/scenes that a player could miss if they didn't take the time to go exploring and experiment with every power/interaction/character possible. Does RoR have a similar amount of such content (proportionate to the size of the game, since I understand that RoR will probably be quite a bit shorter than Psychonauts)? I've been playing Psychonauts for 10+ years, and still stumble across new things. How long do you think it will take players to discover every little detail of this game? "A long-ass time" is the answer I'm hoping for!
  3. I don't have any questions right at this moment, but I am super pumped to hear RoR almost ready! I've had my PSVR since October, just waiting for this game. Yaaaay!
  4. Those are neat! Are you going to paint them?
  5. Thanks for the link! I gotta admit, I was hoping for more out of PSX than just 4 seconds of new footage, but I'll take what I can get!
  6. Agreed with all of the above. DF is the best.
  7. Thanks for posting this Youtube link, the video on their page wasn't working for me.
  8. This looks super cute, and I really loved the trailer music. Looking forward to playing it!
  9. Ha! LemonHeadlanders, good one! Fun idea, hopefully some other folks have some to add.
  10. Oh yes, I know. Believe you me, I am MORE THAN THRILLED that we're getting Rhombus of Ruin AND Psychonauts 2!!! But a girl can still dream about more, can't she?
  11. I would not be opposed to seeing how the entire thing would look updated!
  12. Wow, it's been 7 years already! This is a terrific idea, to organize more online multiplayer games to celebrate, but I'm afraid I am TERRIBLE at multiplayer, I get my ass consistantly kicked by the gentlest AI setting. Sad. But maybe I'll try to get on there so someone who wants to feel better about themselves can play me, haha!
  13. Another relatively new Psychonauts drawing! I can't believe it took me so many years to draw one of Boyd's G-men, because they are hands down one of the funniest, most clever concepts in the game. Here is Raz trying to be in-character, and perhaps being a bit melodramatic about it.
  14. Who here has been lucky enough to try out the demo? I couldn't believe my luck when Double Fine had it available at the PAX West afterparty and I was able to attend, since it was open to non-PAX ticket holders. Here were my initial, blissed-out thoughts: I basically had a religious experience playing the Rhombus of Ruin demo. Ten years waiting and hoping for more Psychonauts but fairly certain it would never happen unless I won the lottery and gave Double Fine millions of dollars (which I would still totally do, btw)… and suddenly I am in the jet with them. It was a very intense, immersive experience. The VR graphics were not quite what I expected, there is kind of an odd quality to them that is hard to explain, but I think it just takes some getting used to. But it’s gorgeous, and sooo cool how it’s literally all around you. It looks and feels VERY different being “in there” than it does just watching the demo on a screen. And the gameplay is gonna take some getting used to as well. I’ve never tried VR before, so it required WAY more thinking than I was anticipating to not be totally clumsy with this mode of looking around and interacting with the world. I got really disoriented every time I clairvoyanced into someone else head and got all turned around, LOL! Practice is required here! The animation on them is great, so many little subtle and frequent movements (Sasha strumming his fingers on the chair armrest and shifting in the seat, for example, and Lili’s little sighs and sad looks around the room…) they look more alive than ever, and knowing that this was pre-Alpha.... well, I cannot even imagine how gorgeous the finished game is going to be. The jet crash was REALLY intense to experience in VR. I am frothing at the mouth to play the rest of the game, and am completely and totally ready to throw my money at Sony for the VR set. Hopefully only a few more months to wait!
  15. I got really emotional watching this, I'm so glad it was made and shared with the fans. It really brought back that amazing feeling of when the world first found out this was happening.
  16. I got a good chuckle out of that little moment, too! And I fully agree with you on the quality of 2PP's productions. The Broken Age documentary was stellar, and what we've seen of their Psychonauts 2 footage is promising to be just as awesome.
  17. I don't have anything intelligent to add right now because I am overwhelmed with FEELINGS, but I just want to say that everything about this is amazing and I am so, so happy.
  18. I enjoyed the hell outta this game, and in all honestly, I wasn't totally sure if I would, just because I haven't played a 2-D side-scroller in a million years and didn't know if I would enjoy that kind of gameplay. Obviously the art and concept is sheer brilliance, so I was so happy to find that the gameplay was as well. Everything that was said above holds true for me, and I blew through the game as quickly as I could because I was having such a good time and eager to see wtf was up with Methuselah and Winters and the world. I hope it's making Double Fine some money, because it's a game that definitely should NOT be overlooked!
  19. Has this put any of your previously-mentioned concerns to rest, KestrelPi? I am a rewards-based-backer, not an investor, but I am still very keen that they get all that investor money. So needless to say I'm very glad that the approval went through, and hopefully they can access those funds and pour them into Psychonauts 2.
  20. Having been fortunate enough to get a chance to play the demo, I definitely concur with your hypothesis that swivel chair is the way to go with this game. Since Raz/the player will be in a seated position for most (if not all?) of the game, that feels natural. And being able to swivel will definitely cut down on some of the extreme neck-turning I found myself doing, as I was so curious to see absolutely every inch of that virtual world. So while swiveling won't help with the up-down head movements, it will certainly help with the side-to-side, I think. Fortunately I have a swivel chair ready in the wings, like it's been waiting it's whole life for this very moment (as have I)! I should be clear, though, that the VR headset is quite lightweight and comfortable, so it's not like being unable to swivel would cause some sort of undue strain on the neck/head/body. I just think a swivel chair would make things that much easier.
  21. Oh man, those clown sketches/ideas by Scott C. are golden. I am cracking up at the monster hair, hahahaha! I actually haven't played this game yet, for various reasons, but I am so happy I was able to buy it when I got my PS4. I think I'm gonna do a quick replay of Costume Quest 1, and then sit down to enjoy the sequel for the first time. Better late than never!
  22. I love this game, it's so cute and charming and perfect to play when I just want something lighthearted. This time of year I always go back and play it again - anyone else bust this game out for a replay every fall?
  23. The US government needs to get it's priorities in order. I need my Psychonauts 2 info.
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