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  1. Awesome, thank you for the update, Spaff! Looking forward to whatever news there may be.
  2. Why thank you! That means a lot coming from you!
  3. Oh man, how cool are those?!?!? Can't make it to PAX, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for them on iam8bit!
  4. Nasubionna

    DF PAX Meetup


    Oh man, I am so totally pumped about this!
  5. Nope, that's literally all they said.
  6. Oh man, this is so cool! I loved Costume Quest and I can't wait to see how this turns out. Exciting! Double Fine spreading out to other forms of media!
  7. Finished playing Headlander a few days ago, and really enjoyed it. Simply a gorgeous game, and lots of fun to play. I loved the little Mappy robot & did a little doodle of it:
  8. I was told that it's not available yet, but that it will be. No other details, so who knows when exactly that might be.
  9. Nevermind, had this question answered on Twitter!
  10. I just finished the game (excellent!) and want to buy the soundtrack (also excellent!), but Steam won't let me purchase the soundtrack alone. I prefer to play games on my PS4, which is where I bought Headlander... is there or will there be any way to purchase the soundtrack standalone from the game/soundtrack bundle on Steam?
  11. These are great! I love seeing fan art by people who have awesome 3D skills like sculpture and fiber arts - and this is both! Thanks for sharing, so cute!
  12. I love the heck out of this. If I had any music skills whatsoever, I would love to do this sort of thing. So glad there are talented people like you out there to do it instead! As I mentioned to you on Youtube, I would love to hear more of your interpretations of Peter McConnel's awesome Psychonauts soundtrack!
  13. Wow, great uses of color here! Really bold and fearless, which is something I'm too chicken to do, so my respect to you!
  14. Hey, thanks so much, both for the kind words and the new avatar! I was wondering why mine was looking so blurry, hehe... yes, I do plan on posting more more recent Psychonauts work, for sure! I just don't want to dump a ton all at once, so a few here and there at a time (as long as I don't forget I'm here and stop posting again... sigh
  15. The new forums look great! I admit, I haven't logged on in a long time and then I forgot that I was already a member here and tried to join again. Then when I realized I was already here and got signed back in, I find that I already have the avatar I was planning to use when I thought I was joining for the first time. Yikes. If only my brain was as shiny and new and functional as these new forums!!
  16. OK, back in action! Here's some Brutal Legend. I LOVE the character designs in this game SO MUCH. Actually, I love everything about this game so much!!!
  17. This is absolutely brilliant! Gorgeous technique and hilarious and charming concept. I absolutely adore this drawing, thank you for sharing it!!
  18. And now for a change of pace, some art from "The Cave".
  19. I too would LOVE a sequel to this!! I would totally play 20 or 30 characters journeys through the Cave.
  20. Agreed, I'd buy art books of pretty much everything DF has put out to date!
  21. This is excellent news! I will totally buy a retail copy of Psychonauts and Costume Quest, and also buy some for all my friends! I bought Psychonauts from Xbox Live and the Mac App store, but bought my PS2 copy on the second-hand market so DF didn't benefit from my cold, hard cash like they should have. I plan to rectify it this time 'round because I am committed to doing everything in my feeble power to encourage a sequel. Also, I love Costume Quest and would love additional DLC for it! Stacking I never really got into, mostly because I'm riddled with ADHD when it comes to puzzle-type games, so I never did beat it. I should probably give it another try, because it is definitely a neat idea, gorgeously executed. Perhaps persevering with Stacking is the key to unlocking my zen-focus and higher-cognative capabilities. I could be staring my own personal enlightenment right in it's little stacking face. Hm.
  22. More artwork. This one is really old, I actually drew it relatively soon after Psychonauts first came out.
  23. Howdy, Double-Finers! New to the forums (became a Slacker-Backer) and figured I would post my fan art. I draw a small amount of DF fan art, heavy on the Sasha & Milla, but other stuff, too. :B I guess I'll just post a few drawings here from time to time, to avoid just posting a boatload of them all at once. Hope you enjoy! Here's one I finished a little while ago, that I am particularly pleased with, and where my avatar image comes from. A parody of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus", I'm calling it "Birth of a Psychonaut". Also, hopefully I posted this/attached the image correctly… :B
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