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  1. It must be hurting, its all anybody talks about on their other products reviews/boards on steam. Their name is mud.
  2. Having a game company in the San Francisco bay area is a double edged sword. On one hand, it's Silicon Valley, so it's great to have a game company there since you're right in the middle of everything and can easily make contacts and promote your game. On the other hand, because it is Silicon Valley, it's really expensive to run a company there. This is not a dig a you Jenni, but any company that thinks it needs to operate from the most expensive place because all the big boys are there deserves to fail. We have the internet now, you don't need to be down the road from someone to tell them about your product and clearly there was a good community here. Seems to me like an ego thing, I suppose if you can spend money fast enough then you feel like one of the big boys, the problem with that is a lot of those larger companies are loosing customers everyday for the same reasons. Anyway they fed us lies and bull@!*# on the forums, then tried to pass off pulling the plug as a great gift from them to the community, and now they have to be aware of everyone's feelings on it and STILL they don't communicate with us. Bunch of crooks, I honestly don't care what they come up with next I wont give them my money again. I'm not going to let this whittle away my faith in other developers, but I will for sure think twice in future and do more research/wait for longer. There are loads of great EA developers out there, probably cos they're not trying to punch above their weight, lets go and support them where its appreciated and they make sure we know it.
  3. The pressure OP refers too came directly from the lack of communication from the team. We were applying pressure to simply get some information out of them as half the time it seem like they were on holiday. Monthly updates would be nice but information buys patience if the dev seems conscientious. Anyway the damage is done now, you would expect when they say 1.0 in a month they would post a full feature list. I'm guessing they're just embarrassed to do so. I don't have a very long list of developers I'm no longer willing to support, but it looks like DF are going to have to be one now. They're so uncommunicative I can't even tell if they're nice guys are areseholes yet. On the plus side this gives me more time to spend on the GalCiv3 forums, where the devs reply daily to peoples posts. 5 Man team I believe (though I could be wrong) with weekly live steams from the devs answering questions and taking suggestions in real time, its inspiring to see the difference.
  4. Well I feel bad now. Looking through the notes of the new version, which I haven't had a chance to play yet, it looks like there is a lot of content there. I will try to have a go next week and look forward to seeing what has been added. I hope this whole experience has if anything shown the developers that communication does matter a great deal, and also reminded us backers to have faith.
  5. 5e literally was released a single month ago, a month isnt that long. You're right, but for me thats besides the point, it was a minor bug fix. Theres been no content for 3 months, no real information, and no sign of life for a month. After they promised updates every 1 month (again a communication update is way better than just nothing.) Also just seen they added a new post to the site yesterday. Shame its just nonsense. Still no information...
  6. Please read this as slightly tongue-in-cheek, but: tl;dr — "Communication is hard, so let's not do it"? It's great that you know exactly what's happening with the project, but since you decided to follow the open-development-paid-alpha model for SDF9, I was rather hoping that you would share that knowledge to some extent with those of us who signed up for the ride. Regarding the impact of your change in communication style — I had the same gut reaction as the original poster when I recently discovered that the future development plans section on the site had been deleted. That combined with the recent dearth of posts left a bad taste. So it is not so much this new direction itself, regardless of how I feel about that, but the fact that you snuck it in under the radar. A short post along the lines of "we're going to be a bit more low-key in the future because of A, B and C" would have gone a long way. It's about expectation management, not about knowing what you had for breakfast I am a first-hour backer of Prison Architect, and to me, they are the gold standard for the open alpha development model. They don't post massive amounts of low-value minutiae. They don't seem to spend an ungodly amount of time in the forums (although they are involved). They have not handed over the direction of the product by following polls and bending to everybody's whim. Crucially, they do have figured out a pretty good way of managing expectations. Next release is two months away because the lead dev is going to be a dad? Community is calm and content with dearly a peep. Next release is going to be a "boring" bugfix-only release with zero new features? Community is happy, because they have access to an actual bug tracker and can help out with gardening and priorisation. As unsexy as it may sound, I would count a public bug tracker as a communication tool. It allows us alpha players a bit of transparency into the current work without requiring you to blog about it. It rewards me taking twenty minutes to draft a decent bug report with screenshots and everything by keeping me in the loop beyond "I've added your report to our internal database". I don't have to wade through a hundred forum posts to find out whether there already is a confirmed report for my issue. If you're so inclined, you might even offload some of the administrivia to the community - filtering out duplicates, cleaning up unclear reports and the like. I certainly wouldn't mind spending twenty minutes every other day to help out a project we care about, and I suspect others here wouldn't either. I agree entirely with this too, as a prison architect backer also, I've never felt I wasted my money there. If you're all working so hard, which you must be, then it must be quite demoralizing to have a large number of your customer complaining about you. I would imagine it is, surely it would serve you all well to keep people updated, if you're changing you communication style then you absolutely need to inform everyone because from the outside it seemed like everyone just left and turned the lights out. I don't personally open the game more than once a month, probably not even that as the currently features don't offer a great deal of replay value (not intended as a criticism) and thats probably the case for a lot of us so I haven't seen any info there if there was any. The whole thing came across with a very corporate 'we don't give a sh*t' attitude even though from the sounds of it the opposite was true. Lets hope for the future.
  7. Hi, From an observers point of view I'm worried that I paid for a hit and run on steam and this is now dead. I understand things can get delayed but I remember when I bought this the dev plan was to release an alpha version every month, its now been 2 and a half months since 5, with minor fixes between but that was even a month ago now. Since then the Dev plan page has been cleared out on the website and theres no updates as to whether anything is even being worked on, this seems to me like a pretty bad indicator that we're going to see anymore of this. Honestly I wish I hadn't bought into it, its put me off buying early access games on steam. I just hope our faith in DF wasn't misplaced, and if they are actually working on it but not releasing anything then they should be updating us more just so we know. It would help dispel all the negative comments on steam as not many people seem to be feeling very positive about it at the moment. This isn't intended as a rant, just a concerned customer.
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