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  1. nothing to do with me, not my fault you're messing around trying to break things in ways that make no sense.
  2. Bryce I added a debug menu into the game that you can add things to, to help you test stuff like that. It only does research so far but it can be extended to maladies.
  3. That's great Bryce, much more than I had imagined but I really like it. I've been thinking about the problem of denying a lot of immigration requests to control the games difficulty and I really think we need to figure out a better way to slow the progression, all that clicking bothers me as well. I don't think there's a cheastsheet anywhere. I've been trying to name my variables according to n is Number, b is Boolean, t is Table, r is Reference but I'm sure i've missed a few.
  4. Here is a basic outline for what we want to do to rebalance the game, let us know what you think. Spacebase DF-9 rebalance plan Each time a hostile event will trigger, a difficulty rating will be determined. difficulty rating = location modifier * population modifier * game type modifier location modifier = location is selected at beginning of game population modifier = modifier based on population game type modifier = 2 game types, Losing is Fun is harder, difficulty will progress faster and you will inevitably lose. Building is Fun is easier, with a slower difficulty progression, you will be able to build large bases with this game type. Each hostile event will have a minimum difficulty rating, if it fires with a lower difficulty rating than the minimum a new one will be selected. Remove "end game raider event", might put back in, might not.
  5. I know it's not your fault, but blaming you is easy. That's my secret to fixing an annoying bug when I get stuck, ask you for help and then that somehow helps me fix it.
  6. If it breaks just do what i do, blame Skenners :lol:
  7. You can rename your savegame file so it creates a new one, then when you want to play your original game, rename it back again. SBRS = Spacebase Restoration Squad. I created to the folder to put some of my own files in there that extend MOAI files. Why there are docs in there I don't know, blame skenners . Rename away I don't mind. So far we've just been adding files as we need them. I don't see the point in adding everything right now but I have no objection to it.
  8. I knew it! I already have a randomiser working, so adding new names should be very easy.
  9. That looks great Cheeseness. I think as far as the number of security sent goes, I would stack the beacons on top of each other. So if there's 6 security going you would see the main beacon with 5 beneath it. Sort of like stacking poker chips if that makes sense. It shouldn't be difficult to add in new crew join messages, I haven't looked at it yet but I assume it's just a case of adding more to the dialog file and finding where they're added in the code.
  10. No problems about the time. Would it be possible for you to mock up some basic stuff that I can experiment with in code? Nothing fancy, just very basic. I'm open to suggestions for names you want to use on squads.
  11. How very un-Australian of you! I can definitely code the beacon like that and there's no hurry since I still have to figure out how to make the beacon not suck. I don't really feel like coding in user input because it's kind of a pain to do it. Maybe since it was Skenners idea I'll get him to do it :-) .
  12. Ok yeah words on the icon wouldn't work, those colours should work great. Right I forgot about putting icons in the squad menu. Default yellow would work. So that's like 40 different ones now? that's a lot. Here's the squad names I'm currently using: Yowie, Bunyip, Brolga, Kowari, Yabby, Wallaroo, Platypus, Dingo, Sawfish, Numbat
  13. hey Ed I thought a bit more about the graphics I wanted for the beacon. When you place a beacon there a 3 modes of aggression, kill everything, kill hostiles, subdue/capture. I was wondering if you could think about creating a graphic that displays both the name of the squad, so like dingo squad might have a head of dingo or something and also display the aggression level. Not really sure what that would look like but have a think about it and let me know.
  14. The AI definitely needs some work, like making sure your guys don't stupidly run into an enemy turret and die.
  15. Yeah i stuffed up those numbers, the code sets the width, height and margin. So width, height is the tiles used by the game object and the margin is the gap around the game object where the characters walk. I set the margin to 1 for both which means the total size of the Lvl 3 is 5x5 and Lvl 4 is 6x6. Also that looks awesome! Here is the description i wrote for the Lvl 4 O2 recycler to help inspire you: Removed pointless safety features in favour of more Jiggawatts.
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