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  1. Hi guys! I'm a Broken Age backer. How do I get a invite to the group?
  2. I can't see another post about "how easy Broken Age's puzzles are". Enough already! If I see another post complaining about the broken Age puzzles, I'm going to take my own life, and hope that Manny can get me a good deal on that ship.
  3. Don't forget Windows and Linux. And iPad. And Vectrex. And Ouya.
  4. Your reasons for posting in this thread are my reasons for starting this thread by the way.
  5. Huh, do you have a source for that? I recall the Sony event name-checking their Third Party Production group who were responsible for getting Borderlands 2 on Vita, which was released under the SCE banner. And Disney statements around the closure of LucasArts as a developer pretty much stated that they were moving to a pure licensing model. Basically I would have expected a dual publisher credit with Sony shouldering much of the actual publishing duties. If that's not the case that's kinda interesting, since it would imply Disney taking an actual honest-to-god interest in their LA properties. LucasArts does still publish games after they were purchased by Disney (Star Wars: Tiny Death Star being an example), but in this case I'm sure LucasArts is just acting as a licensor. I highly doubt that they will be the publisher when you have a media giant like Sony in the mix. Am I living in some alternate reality? Lucas Arts doesn't publish anything. Lucas Arts is CLOSED!! Google is your friend.
  6. I'm going to state the obvious, because it needs to be stated for the record. And the sooner the better right? This needs to come to PC!! I know that Sony want exciting new (and old) content for it's new system, but to NOT release this on PC would be a crime punishable by being stuck in the underworld! Who agrees? Thoughts?
  7. The blue one. But I would rather have the second half of the game over the T-shirt.
  8. It's so weird watching this after finally playing the game. I'm at a slight loss for words. I'll go find some. As great as it was to play, it's great to see your side of it (again) and all the amazing work you have, and continue to put in this game. I've very excited to see the "regular" people play this game. I can myself take credit for getting 11 people to buy this game for today's release. I'll try and find a 100,000 more people. Greg, thanks for your response about the soundtrack, I sorted it out. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have a feeling you've been very busy. My love goes out to everyone at Double Fine!
  9. Thanks for purchasing Broken Age Kickstarter ($15 Tier) I in fact payed $30. I'm assuming this might be why?
  10. Nope. It's not on Humble, I checked. As for Steam, like I said, It was listed as content but it's not there now.
  11. I did! I still don't understand why they uploaded raw WAV files when FLAC is basically the same thing but smaller. At least You have it. I'm supposed to but I didn't get it. It was listed in Steam as "DLC content" when I first downloaded it but now nothing is there.
  12. Did anyone else get the soundtrack? For some reason I don't have it
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