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  1. I understand the logic. It's a crowd funded project. When the crowd stop providing the money, the project stops. From the tone of your message Tim, I'm interpreting your perspective to be one of "mistakes were made, but we did everything we could have and a little more besides". But for the project to have succeeded, someone would have had to do more. That's you or us. Us: We could have bought more copies. True. We could have. Or more people could have bought on "faith" rather than waiting to see what they were paying for. But I feel like we did our bit. We put our hands in our pockets, pulled out our wallets, gave you some money and in some cases - followed through and tried to contribute our thoughts and ideas. I'm not sure what more we could have done to make the project work. And so unless you believe there is more WE as consumers could have done, then there's only one other direction you can look... You: Well the forums are full of ideas of what you did wrong (and right). Some feature 20/20 hindsight. Some are just bizarre. I am so tempted to go through my list of what I think - but I've never been in your shoes, I don't know what I'm talking about. I think there was interest in the style of game and this game specifically. I think there are still people out there who, if the game "felt" like it was feature complete, would have bought the game upon it's release. As a very unscientific rule of thumb - RockPaperShotgun news stories usually get 20 to 30 comments. Some popular stories will get 60-100. The story about DF-9's fate is currently showing 214 comments. There was clearly an above average interest. I've no doubt everyone worked hard. I've no doubt that the team are as gutted as we are to leave the game in this state. But at the end of the day, a lot of money was spent and nobody got the game they deserved. So I can only come back to my original point... for the project to have succeeded, someone would have had to do more. I think as alpha7 you could be very proud of the game. As release 1.0... opinions vary.
  2. I too am disappointed. Yeah, that's probably as much my fault for having reasonably high expectations and maybe a degree of misunderstanding what 1.0 would include... but still... I am disappointed. I don't feel cheated. I signed up for an alpha with very vague goals. Which isn't to say I feel like I got my money's worth... I don't. So I will do the only things I can do. Take Double Fine's future promises with a pinch of salt and avoid "early access" games entirely (I'd already started this, as this isn't the first game to under deliver). To DF: Player's defence of your decisions as "You misunderstood us" or "We didn't lie to you" may fall on the right side of the letter of the law. But we're gamers, we're probably going to be more spirit of the law type people. In that sense I can only say that in my opinion you've hurt your company's reputation by seemingly living down to people's expectations of what can go wrong with early access projects. Maybe the gamer community as a whole won't even notice. I hope that 1.0 isn't what you hoped for. I hope that lessons will be learned for whatever comes next. I hope... Oh I dunno... I just hope... Thanks for trying, I suppose.
  3. At the moment, we mostly have a simulation - not a game. I think you've made some good suggestions based on where you assume the game is headed. You're probably right. But right now, I don't see enough gameplay to predict if what's there right now is "too slow" and needs speeding up. As for Dwarf Fortress comparisons... 2006 : Dwarf Fortress 2001 : Startopia 1997 : Theme Hospital 1994 : Theme Park 1989 : Simcity 1981 : Utopia ... the genre has a much longer and deeper history. For me, I'd point people at Theme Hospital and Startopia for how this style of game can work well. Whether this will head that direction is anyone's guess right now.
  4. If you visit the forums, you could easily be mistaken that the game was still in Alpha 2. The only indication that Alpha 3 is out is posts made by players. I fired up Steam today to see a "Recent News" item highlighting some of the Alpha 4 features and discussion. As someone who semi frequently visits the forums - it would have been nice to see those blogs and dev notes cross posted. Or at least, a new sticky with a link to the blog post, if presentation and "style" is important and can't suitably be recreated within a forum post. And yes, I know... I could visit the blog pages as often as I visit the forums. But I hadn't.
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