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  1. Population 120 and this spacebase is all about fallback and survival. The front (bottom left) is sectioned off for the best of the best. Only 5 star and the high quality characteristics are allowed here. Should anything else happen to the rest of the base, they would hopefully survive and continue on civilization. In the event of a minor amount (<20) of Deeply Sad characters running about, they are quarantined to the very top right where the rehabilitation zones are. They are cut off from the rest of society and forced to socialize with each other and fulfill their duties. Even the saddest technician can repair all the equipment located here. Once they are at neutral or higher, they are released back into society. In the event of a major catastrophe that may happen to one of the arms or wings of the base, the central hub can be sealed shut, segmenting it into 4 zones. Then one of the zones can be abandoned 'til the threat is neutralized. In the event of critical failure where nobody is able to repair anything (everyone is deeply depressed), a choice can be made to seal off everything but the beds and life support on the very edges of the base. Builders can build food replicators to survive the apocalypse. This is obviously a last ditch effort if everything else fails and most of the base needs to be abandoned.
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