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    CaffeinatedNoms is brought to you by Vertonix "Food" Replicators. I'm Will. I live in England (the Northern half, not the Rubbish half). I do odd little code things and will one day present a fully-finished game, but until then I will continue to attempt to breed LISP and BASIC until I have an engine to power the aforementioned. I am sustained by caffeine, pizza, and my fiancé Paul.
  1. Oodiboo: Hey, Cheeseness, are you sure this is an escape pod? Cheeseness: Yeah, of course! Oodiboo: But... it says 'Cerberus Beta Municipal Waste' on this panel... Cheeseness: Well, maybe it's a budget model, made of recycled parts? Oodiboo: ...And it smells like garbage... Cheeseness: Come to think of it, there was a lot of rotten gunk in the cargo hold... oh... oops! Oodiboo: DAMN YOU CHEESENESS!
  2. Doc: *sips drink* I miss Cheeseness Miner: I miss him too, he was always so cheerful. Doc: Yeah... tastes awful though... Miner: *spits drink everywhere* WHAT!? hehehe
  3. Here's my current base... playing on a Mac so can't really keep a population higher than 50 without the game slowing to a crawl...
  4. I managed to take this picture of my base between two meteor strikes. Look at all my happy people, none of whom are dying. Well... three did immediately after the next meteor strike because they were vented into space, damnit. Also, I'm beginning to like using life support as a central corridor, it works well!
  5. It would be nice to have janitors... so dead food gets binned, burnt panels get washed clean, and corpses get... er... shot into space?
  6. I'm not sure about double-right-click, since right-click is already synonymous with 'discard', but something like left-click-hold, and then move the mouse in an arc left or right to flip an object, then release the mouse, move the object if needed, and click again to place it would be a very welcome addition.
  7. "Do we really have to go to blue alert? It means changing the bulb!"
  8. For a security character going on shift/investigating raiders: "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of... no wait, I have gum here."
  9. Oh dear now I'm thinking up a dozen of these a minute "Just looked out the airlock, there's a whale and a bowl of petunias outside. WTF?" <- currently my favourite. (reference to DA's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
  10. SpaceFace journal: "Dougan got sucked out of a broken airlock today. His last words were 'damnit, I knew this red shirt was cursed!' :("
  11. I do find it rather odd how many people automatically assume "it came form [source x] therefore it must be protected by DRM" because it's almost as nonsensical as saying "I bought this DVD from Blockbuster, therefore it must be protected by Cinavia*". * Cinavia being copy-protect software in specifically Sony DVDs and BDs that uses audio frequencies to tell the player to halt playback and display an "OMG you thief!" message.
  12. Wow, just looked through and everyone has been making pretty awesome bases. Space bases. (My inner geek loves saying that!) I play Theme Hospital a lot, and I'm used to the left- or right-facing objects in 90º rotation. Armed with this, and after a week of bases that either suffered from Vacuum Syndrome or Not Enough Technician Disorder, I present to you the currently unnamed, diamond-shaped base that has so far managed to not end in total disaster:
  13. Hello all, I've been playing SpaceBase for about a week now, and I still can't get over one of the silly things that I noticed right away... ...why do people run when oxygen is low? Surely you would do the opposite, and stay still, letting the technicians fix the O2 scrubbers? Is there any way the logic could be tweaked so that people still run when faced with Killbots, Raiders, and fire, but when oxygen gets low they suit up and/or wait while the problem is fixed? Loving the game so far!
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