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  1. Interesting, I was certainly not aware of this. To me it seems like maybe Double Fine could bring about PC re-releases of the games after Sony has a period of exclusivity on their console. Of course I could be completely wrong, but it's worth bringing up the concept. I just know as a GOG fan and somebody who likes to see highly-desired titles come to GOG, I wanted to bring up the subject.
  2. (...Or if Disney won't do it, please see if you can license the games from them and publish them on GOG.com.) A portion of LucasArts' classics are in limbo right now, never published as part of the Steam collections back in 2010 nor released on any other service. Yet, based on GOG.com wishlist entries (http://www.gog.com/wishlist/games), tens of thousands of people would buy these games again. (The highest one is Grim Fandango at 43,000+ votes.) I believe there is a decent profit to be made in bringing these games back on digital distribution, specifically on GOG. Search the wishlist and notice titles like Curse of Monkey Island with 20,000+ wishlist votes, Full Throttle with 19,000+ wishlist votes, The Secret of Monkey Island with 18,000+ wishlist votes, Day Of The Tentacle with 14,000+ wishlist votes, Sam & Max Hit the Road with 8,400+ wishlist votes, etc. It's true the wishlist might not perfectly represent people who would buy the game day 1, but I do believe it accurately reflects the idea that these games would sell exceptionally well on GOG. I singled out GOG because, besides the fact they helped provide some data on how many people wanted the games and are still working to resurrect classics, the staff have implemented gamer-friendly policies I believe deserve support - DRM-free, fair price package, 30-day money-back guarantee (one of the most important, imo), and soon an optional client that you can for things like multiplayer and updates but aren't forced to. I would like to see GOG grow to be reasonable competition for Steam, so Steam is forced to make more gamer-friendly policies too. So Double Fine, please talk to the right people at Disney and see what can be done to get the LucasArts classics onto GOG.com. You are already a publisher on that service, maybe you are the "mediator" that GOG needs to help get these classics back into the hands of gamers.
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