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    How the living hell did my bio get deleted? Oh well, im not the special anyway. I'm an artist in the works, so if you like art then you should check out my sites odrawnnell.tumblr.com also i do a webcomic so read it eakd.tumblr.com

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  1. Anyone else like really wanted Red Ash to get funded but also just knew with all the backlash Might Number 9 got that it was impossible, plus Megaman Legends is a game that just can't resurface not even in a spiritual successor form so you just kinda eat crackers all day and cry?
  2. Or you can choose just not ever include Adam Sandler into your life. We can all choose to appreciate that we have choice to forget his existence.
  3. WELP this thread has been one nice ride, been good seeing all but I think it's time we close
  4. well we could've been talking about hot girls, or perhaps beefcakes in your case. But nooo, someone had to be a party pooper i'm all for talking about beefcakes look at this
  5. Care to share what happened? You don't have to, of course. I use to be convinced as a child if I didn't get off the escalator in time they would consume me and i'd become a stair
  6. i once ate a whole pizza a long with cinnasticks and my friends were really concerned about me for like 6 weeks and I was completely ok though tbh i don't remember like 80 percent of that night.
  7. Don't worry Coolsome, someday you'll be able to join us in our sentient land of sentience
  8. Welcome back, bro! I cannot believe all of you are still here this is amazing, this place is timeless. I'm glad to see your all so happy (maybe). We'll be posting on DFAF long into the 2100's! As sentient brain forum posting robots? Oh my god i want nothing more.
  9. ok, so yo, i'm a Playstation collector so I spend way to much times in fleamarkets scavaging around the old games stores just trying to find the classics, but also those real hidden gems. And I stubbled upon this game: I remember seeing this game when I was kid and I couldn't get it at the time because i was too young for an rated M game so I just got Tail-Concerto instead (good investment btw), so i never once thought of this game again. I find it like around last weekend thinking "Oh man this is that game i never got to play!" And bought it, it was only 8 bucks, no big deal. I discovered this game was on PC first, wasn't sure how it would actually translate well onto game console, especially seeing this game came out in 1997 and I had the great fear that the controls were going to be completely broken. I was wrong about every negative assumption I had. This game is actually very, VERY enjoyable to play? Which I sort of had the hope for (1 being able to now play this as an adult and 2 seeing that is got very positive ratings). Like the game is plays smooth and the graphics are very aesthetically pleasing. The controls are actually easy to understand and get the hang of and tbh the live action cutscenes are very well done??? Like the costuming is nice, the actors do their job pretty nicely and everything. The level designs are very nice too like they're pleasing to look at. Now i'll be honest some things do blend in to well with others which can cause some disarray of things and put you in front of a brick wall, in fact this game is actually at points as CLEAR as a brick wall. You do not have a lot of directions, it's all up to you to figure out what in the sam hell is going on, but your exploration of the areas pays off when you find hidden secrets and weapons to make your progress through the levels more entertaining. The game though, while it honestly isn't the best darn thing, is very entertaining to say the least, like i'm not bored and i feel the need to push on to uncover the story (even know it's some 1984 rip-off). Plus it's very innovating for it's time. The areas can be messed with and destroyed and if you try to plow through the game like a homicidal maniac it WRECKS you. The game wants you to take your time and figure out the situations that you are in and go at them in a smart way. Very entertaining game like i guess a good 4 out of 5 rating
  10. Welcome back, bro! I cannot believe all of you are still here this is amazing, this place is timeless. I'm glad to see your all so happy (maybe).
  11. I'm nearing to finish Isaac Asimov's "The God's Themselves" which was honestly better than expected. Though I found the parts that partook in the Para-Universe more interesting than the ones taking place in our own. If you're a fan of very science driven books, it's a real good read. It also has very interesting representation of respectful polygamy relationships as well as gay relationship's too. So if like that give it a read.
  12. Okay so I am mentally flexible enough to stretch enough to understand his (admittedly immature, insensitive and overall hateful) thinking behind creating this event, I get what it's like to wrongly feel ostracized as a privileged asshat. However, I do not understand the color-scheme for the life of me, black and white? Really dude? You couldn't have been more interesting than that? Black, white and grey is the colors for asexual pride, if I recall. Pink and Blue would have been more on-point. this is the asexual flag and the "supposed" heterosexual flag is indeed just black and white. I say "supposed" because it's something they really don't need in the first place.
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