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  1. They're gonna be in flashback scenes.
  2. Johnny Depp's accent and a few pieces of Michelle Pfeiffer's dialogue were a little weak, and I was really hoping they wouldn't use Imagine Dragons again, but yeah I'll be seeing it.
  3. The closest I usually get are badly drawn 'posters' like this
  4. dfaf in the kitchen

    When I do fried chicken, I like to add Frank's RedHot sauce to the buttermilk brine. Once the chicken's done, I use this Cajun pepper sauce I ordered from New Orleans called 'Slap Ya Mama.'
  5. Sorry, triple post. When trying to visualize a scene, do you ever draw it out?
  6. When I was a teenager, I always though either Maus or The Dark Knight Returns was the greatest comic ever.
  7. EDIT: Damn you, inability to delete posts! Damn you to Hell!
  8. dfaf in the kitchen

    @Feddlefew Fried chicken or grilled chicken
  9. Well the horror comedy I was thinking of, what kicks it off is a huge party where the theme is the show these actors were on and someone plans on showing the filmed yet unaired final episode. And then it turns out the whole thing is front for a coven of witches. The three aren't beckoned to save the world, it becomes a matter of them being on the run and trying to survive, which becomes harder after they're transformed into children during the 3rd act. I'm thinking something like Entourage mixed with Evil Dead 2.
  10. I always assumed a lot of the humor would be lost on me because I'm not a Trekkie.
  11. I always thought that themes you would find in noir could translate into the western genre.
  12. I think the trick of noir is that noir stories tend to present these raw, real stories that usually dismiss typical Hollywood romanticism for its own grit yet for all of noir's depressing and real themes, underneath it is actually romantic. And the tropes only go as far as the author or director lets them. I believe it's possible to do a film noir or a period crime story without having to rely on visuals such as heavy shadow, tilted camera angles and veils of cigarette smoke. Noir is a look, but it's also a feel, and that feeling doesn't necessarily require the look. I think the biggest problem with modern film noir, or neo-noir, is they all want to be Chinatown.