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  1. Animaniacs and Invader Zim, too. Also heard something about reboots of Ed Edd N Eddy, Space Ghost and an overly politicized reboot of Johnny Bravo.
  2. Dunkirk So what I found funny was I went to see the 70mm showing and I thought took ten minutes for the projector to be set up due to going from digital to archaic film. The moment the trailers began you could tell it had been a while since they actually showed a 'film' since the bottom fraction of the trailer appeared at the top of the screen and the lower half on the bottom. Luckily once the movie actually began it wasn't working fine. Also pretty surprised how for a Christopher Nolan movie and given the subject it managed to clock in at a little under two hours. Anyway, can't remember most characters' names from the movie, but I get the feeling that wasn't really important. It's also not that much of a traditional war movie in that there aren't really any scenes of boots on the ground combat. There IS combat in the movie, but it's all from Tom Hardy's RAF pilot and you don't actually see any Nazis until the last minute of the movie. Now I wasn't really expecting all that much of Harry Styles (God knows my younger sisters were) but he was surprisingly pretty good for a nameless British soldier. Also, good performances from Cillian Murphy, Mark Raylance and Kenneth Branagh.
  3. Mine has always been chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, red onion and mayo on sourdough. Or provolone, cheddar and Swiss with bacon, toasted, also with sourdough.
  4. Wolf Among Us Season 2 confirmed for 2018
  5. The main villains of TTG's Batman S2 appear to be Joker and Riddler
  6. I'm doing a marathon of Romero movies later this week in honor of a horror icon. Night of the Living Dead Dawn of the Dead Day of the Dead Creepshow Martin The Crazies
  7. Who has better riffs: Led Zeppelin or AC/DC
  8. I would not be against a Kim Possible level. However they seem to be sticking predominantly to movies rather than TV. Besides, it would be pretty hard to put Gravity Falls into an action RPG and make it work. Same with Star Vs. I think if they did do a Marvel world, the best choice would be Captain America: The First Avenger.
  9. Figured they go Pixar this time around. But what about Marvel and Star Wars? As for old worlds already used in the prior games, I would love to see Pirates of the Caribbean.