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  1. I don't get it. The Dark Tower comes out in July. IT comes out in September. Yet IT manages to have a trailer out before Dark Tower does.
  2. Running Man. Yet another Stephen King movie brought up on this page.
  3. Does that mean I get to hunt down and kill another forumer
  4. @Darth Marsden Another issue of DKIII drops tomorrow
  5. The book, not the movie. The book is DARK. The Tim Curry miniseries played it safe because there was no way they were going to show
  6. In my head I always saw Robert Englund as the Vulture. But I dig Michael Keaton enough to still like the casting.
  7. Can't help but be reminded of Mob Rules, a retro game I was helping some guys make a while back and hasn't gone anywhere.
  8. Salem's Lot, Pet Sematary and 11/22/63 are my favorites.
  9. The book goes to some very, VERY dark places. I would only not recommend it if you're one of those people needing a "trigger warning." Aside from that, I think that it has to be probably the quintessential American horror novel. It's like King took The Goonies and turned it into a hellish nightmare.
  10. Also, Baby Driver is now coming out in June, not August.
  11. My favorite Jackie Chan flicks are Police Story 4 and Rumble In The Bronx. Oh, and this:
  12. Remember how I brought up in the Batman thread how my goddaughter sometimes raids my comic collection when I'm not looking? This time I caught her reading Old Man Logan. More tears.