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  1. The "(AGE - 7) * 2" rule is too restrictive in my mind, what if the person playing the game is told their relationship in real life is "too creepy"? Isn't that more offensive? I started dating partner at 18 and he was 25, we've been together for 5 years now, I've never been told in real life that he's too old, or our relationship is creepy, or anything of the such. I love the personal morality perspective; maybe you are doing a play though were you are playing the dating game, and matching couples on age. But you only have one Caberjack left and no people in your arbitrary dating range, do you still marry him/her? On the other hand, how upset would you be if you lost a class type because they are 1 year too young, or too old? I'm also okay with the compatibility sometimes being affected by range, but I think that would be slightly random (like most people like people within 10 years the most, and are okay with 20 years, but some people prefer older or younger partners, but have it completely hidden). I think incest is the bigger "creepy" factor, and I'd love there to be some really bad consequences for too much inbreeding, like (from wikipedia) Reduced fertility both in litter size and sperm viability Increased genetic disorders Fluctuating facial asymmetry Lower birth rate Higher infant mortality Slower growth rate Smaller adult size Loss of immune system function http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inbreeding#Genetic_disorders
  2. A half circle shape would be really nice for some designs, I know you can make your own with a circle and another shape, but that takes up 2/5ths of your slots. I was try to mimic this logo, with mixed results. Or
  3. Environment artist hobbyist here, just started watching the Team Streams (I'm only one episode 2). Mod support was brought up early on, and it seems like Brad's team wanted to make the game easy to edit and open for mod support, but I was interested if there was any more information regarding that.
  4. It's a first impression more than a review, and I'd much rather him show his biases rather than not be open about them. He's always transparent about his feelings on particular genres.
  5. They asked the gaming community for money through Kickstarter to fund a dream project, then they asked the community for more money again by selling the game in two parts. That's how it can be viewed as double dipping.
  6. It's completely silly arguing to what degree they ran "out of money", could it been phrased better? Yes, but ultimately Double Fine was facing budget concerns and had to "double dip" in order to finish the game as planned. TB has done separate videos discussing Double Fines decisions to look for more revenue streams due to budget concerns, this video was a quick look at the game and not a full review it's not like the budget issues effect his review score or anything. Discussing what they did facing the budget problems or if this game should of cost $3.3 million to make is much more productive than disagreeing about the usage of a phrase.
  7. TotalBiscuit plays games for mechanics over everything else. Definition of what a fail state is subjective, you could argue that skill isn't required to beat to the puzzles, you could just try everything and get through the game. And because of those reasons, there's no real fail states, you just haven't tried every option yet. I feel his complaints about needing additional funding are valid. The only reason they need more money is because they let the project get too big and poorly managed the money. $3.3 million is a lot for a short 2D game, and they knew how much money they had, and they know how long it takes to make games. CD Projekt RED managed to make Witcher 2 with $10 million, a AAA quality game with a 20-30 hour play through. I don't want to say Double Fine wasted money, but they did not use their budget efficiently. I feel TB was accurate, if you like point and click games, or you really like the art style, good voice acting, and a great story, you'll enjoy the game
  8. It has been about a month, is there going to be an option for people that want to buy into being about to watch the doc?
  9. Title pretty much says it all, I hope I don't just have to wait, or that I missed the boat on this one.
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