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  1. Hmm... I'm a regular backer, and I haven't gotten an email yet either. I'm a bit disappointed, I was hoping it would be ready when I got home from work. I notified support though.
  2. Bulkwark armor seems like it could be more useful now with the changes to the Caberjack's taunt ability. Still not as good as Veil armor though.
  3. It would be nice if there was some visual indicator for advance units as well, even if it's as simple as a color swap.
  4. As a bloodline backer, I totally support letting your average game owner some customization options for their own copy of the game.
  5. If they had a better indication of consanguinity I'd be fine with having any sort of incestuous pairing possible (like in CK2) as long as it resulted in increased chances of bad traits occurring (which could already be the case, if I understand how the genetics work in the game).
  6. Maybe "Hobling shot" has a use while you have lower-level units... which usually doesn't last long after you get your second crucible. Well, I never got level 10 graduates, even with two crucibles so I found it useful right up until the final battle (this wasn't with the latest patch though).
  7. So it seems like most people are going with Flarrow over Hobbling Shot, but I've found Hobling shot quite useful. The reduced damage from Hobbling shot makes it much easier to set up kills for weaker members of my team I'm trying to level.
  8. I like the idea of of separate equipable/usable slots for each hero type. Maybe let the Alchemist's bonus slot be either? I also like the idea of going on a cadence hunt to try out different builds, units, etc. It would probably need to have some balancing factor though (reduced or eliminated xp and/or kills, time limit, etc. Making it a repeatable research project like adoptions could be interesting too). I think you're right about the same bloodline having multiple keeps too. It makes it pretty easy to keep bloodlines alive, and feels a bit weird too since the keeps have the same name.
  9. A good idea, but I wasn't the one worried about save stuff. I think it would be fair to not be able to save during a fight. Or maybe just have any save made make a duplicate of the autosave from the first round of combat?
  10. Regarding the map, I'm pretty sure that the bonuses for the outer ring are randomly selected each game. Otherwise good feedback!
  11. Another option would be to have each Crucible give diminishing returns. 1 crucible gives 100% experience, with two each gives 90% each, etc.
  12. Hmmmm... I think balancing the different buildings is going to decently tough. Ideally a balanced build should be best, with advantages and drawbacks for over producing any of the given types. If you have too many keeps you should be hurting for experience and be behind on research. If you have too many crucibles you should be hurting for heroes and be behind on research. If you have too many Sagewrights you should be hurting for experience and heroes. I think nerfing the birth rates and increasing the utility of Caberjacks/Alchemists would probably be the best way to see this happen. In the game I just finished I was routinely seeing families with 10+ kids in them.
  13. Just some random thoughts on the matter: -Maybe give a bonus to adoption research rate for every same sex couple? Would make adoption less punishing for them. -I like the personality trait idea, but I think bonded pairs could be hard to set up (as you need to reference another character). What might be easier is to have something like the Fancies Men/Women potentials from Valkyria Chronicles. Have it give a buff in combat if near appropriate member or some buff to trainees when appropriately paired as regents.
  14. One early game thing I'd really like is to be able to check out the outer province bonuses before having to assign a regent to our first keep. My decision for who the place there could change depending opn what bonuses are on the map.
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