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  1. I just spent like 5 minutes trying to google and find out more. For a brief second I had a glimmer of hope. Now there is only seething hatred. You are now my mortal enemy. "Hello, My name is Indigo Montoya, You killed my Dreams, Prepare to Die!"
  2. I shall quote henceforth from the email: When Act 2 is released, there will be a DRM-free version of the full game available on Humble, but Act 1 requires Steam to download. I shall quote henceforth from the Kickstarter: - UPDATE 1: Proud to announce we're going to be developing for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android! In addition to Steam codes, we will also be offering DRM free versions. And for all our lovely friends overseas, we'll be localizing the text in French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Thanks for the support! - The finished game in all of its awesome glory DRM free on PC, Mac, and Linux, or via Steam for PC and Mac, exclusive access to the Beta on Steam, access to the video series, and access the private discussion community. - These are, by the way, the only mentions of the letters 'DRM' in the whole Kickstarter. No mention of getting "Act 1" in DRM-Free version. Only that the full game will be DRM-Free. Far as I can tell, you weren't promised, nor entitled to, anything more than you'll be getting, which is a fantastic, well-funded, well-developed, Ass-kicking game from Tim Schaffer and the Double Fine crew, for which you STILL PAID LESS THAN IT WAS WORTH! -- Gedrean, only 3 posts on this whole darn forum and already taking people to school!
  3. [Rant ahead!] Oh my god, all the vitriole and bullshit on this thread. I just read back 3 pages, so many people spewing this horrible shit about how awful it is that apparently DF screwed you all out of your hard earned money and you DESERVE a DRM-FREE version because obviously DF is just a bunch of soulless corporate shitheads who want to screw you dry and then charge you for the privilege. So here's the skinny: 1. You paid $15 for what will probably be a 19.99 or 29.99 USD game. 2. You are getting EARLIER access than EVERYONE ELSE to this game you paid below market price for. 3. You are getting DRM-Free version when it is released. Seriously, this part is the most baffling to me. I read the press release / announce 1 time. Only once. And I understood it clearly. I don't know how so many didn't, but I found it easy to understand: Act 1, since it is being released EARLY to the backers, is Steam-released in order to protect the value of those backers' investment. Rather than a DRM-Free version which would be ALL OVER TPB and everywhere else in a matter of minutes, the DRM-laden version is for the first step of the game. The DRM-Free version will be released once Act 2, and the complete game, is released. At that time the DRM-Free version will be available. That is all. That makes plenty of sense. It didn't require lawyering to understand. It was simple. It was spelled out. Seriously, guys, I'm glad the first release is on Steam. That way, the fact that I spent my money up-front to support this awesome project is not being PISSED on by the hundreds of greedy fucks who paid at the lowest backer tier just so they could quick-release the DRM-Free version under their retarded SceneGroup name for some bullshit internet cred on ThePirateBay in five minutes. 4. DF has not shown any indication of screwing you on ANY of the other backer rewards, do you really think they've gone and screwed you on the DRM-Free version? I can see it now, Tim Schaffer twirling his black moustache in the big leather chair, petting a huge fluffy white cat whilst holding a monacle to his eye with some superfluous third arm, going, "Yesss... yesss.... We have successfully completed my EVIL plan to get backers to buy a game on Steam while thinking they were buying a DRM-Free game! Today Kickstarter, TOMORROW THE WORLD! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!" 5. So many horror stories out there of Kickstarter projects basically disappearing once funded, and taking MONTHS to release any type of update. You get updates by the FREAKING WEEK in most cases here. AND YET, with all these bullet points, still I hear so much fucking bitching. GD children all over the place, grow up and learn to have a little patience.
  4. "Instead of 'What if we fought the monster?', what I want to know is, How do I kill it?" I about exploded in every orifice with how incredible that one line is.
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