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  1. Not once, and this completely defeats the purpose of the genre. I got stuck at one part, took a nap, woke up, and solved it. You're robbing yourself of actual gameplay by using a guide; Broken Age isn't even difficult.
  2. I switched once or twice at the start, to see what the button did, or if the characters would interact in some way. Ended up playing through all of Shay's after the button to switch back to Shay became available. Considered switching back, but Shay's was too interesting to leave.
  3. Too easy/short. I understand it's only the first half, but part2 is probably going to have similar length and slightly more challenging puzzles. The visuals, artwork, audio, and overall cohesion were top notch. Very entertaining dialogue, unique characters, silly environments. For the price? 8/10
  4. @gsm - I experienced this. As Vella in fullscreen 1280x720, click on the Mailbox. The subtitle text will spaz out.
  5. Similar issue. Did not confirm which rescuees caused this. Had to restart a few times to pass this section without a black screen. Black screen immediately follows Rescue minigame on Shay's storyline. Blackscreen persists until quitting to main menu. Audio is still active.
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