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  1. Working in the games industry myself, I love getting the behind the scenes look of an other (beit much bigger) studio, but everytime I look into this forum I'm heartbroken. Double Fine is so amazingly open and transparent with this project. And as a backer I already got more than my money's worth considering Act 1 and the ongoing documentary. And then there's all this negativity. Which I frankly don't get. Even if there was a way to make a good (or even decent) game by throwing all game design advances of the last 10 years out of the window and "just make the puzzles harder", I feel it could not compete with the nostalgia that the most vocal critics have for the "good old times". Anyway I wanted to thank Tim and everyone at DF for what they accomplished so far with this project and cheer them on. You are an inspiring example for this industry with your openness, access and community management. Please don't forget that, even when times aren't very kichstarter-party-like right now.
  2. Muscle March is definitely a game worthy of this thread.
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