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    Well im twenty, and i work. Go home to my apartment and waste my life on the internet, games, and listening to CCR.
  1. So I guess I dont need to post the pages anymore? Just inform on the titles and such?
  2. Yes its RF, and I do have access to my cousin's account. Just yesturday and today I am not able to access my account because my password is wrong? Did someone hack and play a good ol' joke on me. I dont care if so, but just please give me the do's of this situation
  3. I think my favorite part of this page is the "Not gay" in Waka's status.
  4. Why does everyone think we are the same person?
  5. Cheif Wakamakamu's theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT7GzgmNRn4 Lyrics start at: 1:13 You'll figure out how it fits him, if not then just ask me how.
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