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  1. Sounds like exactly the problem you describe. I checked the log mentioned above and see a ton of these entries: (steam:3656): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Trying to remove a child that doesn't believe we're it's parent. I can give you the complete log file if you want it, but it sounds like you already know what the problem is and are forced to wait on Valve. Thanks for the information!
  2. When clicking "Play" from Steam the "preparing to launch game" window appears for about half a second and then disappears and nothing else happens. No game, no stalled processes in system monitor, nothing. Just the preparing to launch box and a little blip of CPU activity. When I run the game directly from the Broken Age folder in the steam apps folder using "sh run.sh" from the terminal, the game launchs and runs flawlessly with no problems that I can see. System information: OS: OpenSuse 13.1 CPU: Core i3 Ivy Bridge GPU: Nvidia GT 630 Drivers: Proprietary Nvidia graphics driver direct from their OpenSuse repository installed Steam from the OpenSuse Build Service: http://software.opensuse.org/package/steam
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