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  1. Note: I experienced this bug often in certain scenes and not at all in others. System: Mac OS 10.9.0, Intel HD Graphics 3000 Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to the scene with the talking tree, or the scene just to the right with the seagulls. 2. With the mouse, click on the inventory button in the bottom left of the screen. Expected behaviour: The inventory panel opens up, allowing the player to select an item in the inventory. Actual behaviour: The inventory panel opens up, but the mouse click also triggers the "walk" action. This causes Vella to walk off the screen to the left, back towards the lumberjack's house. Admittedly, I didn't realize there was a shortcut to show and hide the inventory panel until I'd finished the game. So I probably experienced this way more than the average play tester or developer. I'd categorize it as low priority.
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