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  1. If you look at the paper on the wall by the door in Alex's ship, it has the same pattern Shay used to go to "Danger Zone 5" (Shellmound) but it looks like sheet music, and Alex talks about how his ship was used musical navigation while Shay's was based on knitting. Then if you talk to Alex (or maybe you have to use the pitch pipes on him) he will play the song that he "used to return to where he last was". I don't think the line about musical navigation was repeated after you first heard it, that could have been your problem. That is what I used but I had no idea how to turn the music into a pattern.
  2. Some of the puzzles seemed like total guess work. What was the logic for converting the music sheet into a star chart? I tried a 1 to 1 comparison but it didn't hold, I just looked up a guide online after I couldn't get it to work. Also I felt like some information was missing from the tricking Shay's Mother series, I wrote down all knowns and there are still so many assumptions to be made that it came down to guess work. I brute forced the puzzle but I hate solutions like that, why can't I complete the logic for it?
  3. This game has great replay potential that needs to be supported by the developers. It is like Civ with a story, it feels half way between two things.
  4. They probably overlooked the titles you earn.
  5. The problem is that a ton of the puzzles in old school adventure games required no thinking either. I program, I like to problem solve and I like to work through logical problems. I hate most adventure games because the problems aren't logical, they are more like riddles that require some non sense logic that is only found through massive trial and error. I don't want to place a sign post in 85 different spots to find out which one is the correct one. Give me a language to decrypt, let me write it down and figure it out on my own. Maybe even give math problems that you have to solve by hand (nothing is coming to mind that wouldn't be easily solved by wolfram alpha though, just thought of something actually use a non base 10 number system or something) so you really have to think.
  6. You ignored 1/3 of the research. 300 years should be enough time to research all the 3 class weapons and armor in addition to everything else. Some things should be sacrificed because not having a tradeoff isn't challenging though. I didn't ignore them. I didn't see any point in them. In a game driven by choice, I should choose how to spend my time, and if I don't feel something is worth researching, I'm not going to do it. XCOM can get away with it because it also has a build component, but in MC you're done building by year 50. Without things to research, you're just waiting for people to die. Also, if this is a game meant to be replayed, should it really be long enough to where I can get everything? Then what's the point of replaying it? Right now there's so much time that you can pretty much do everything the game has to offer, unless you get screwed out of one of the three classes, which isn't much incentive to go back. I don't think it is possible to be done building by year 50. I think you start with 1 keep at year 0? So that leaves 10 or so plots of land to populate. That seems really hard to do by year 50. I think you can do it by year 100 if you ignore everything else but that seems really inefficient. I only upgraded Caberjacks and by around year 200 I was done researching, it I wanted to get the other armor it would have taken around 60 more years. I didn't get any weapons which would have added maybe 30 years if I got 2 weapons.
  7. You ignored 1/3 of the research. 300 years should be enough time to research all the 3 class weapons and armor in addition to everything else. Some things should be sacrificed because not having a tradeoff isn't challenging though.
  8. Still doesn't make sense to me, when you kill them is the chalice trapping their "essence" or something? Why not just capture them on a mission instead? Why bring them close to the chalice?
  9. Yea the start is really frustrating when you lose because all your hunters miss or something unforseen like that. The end doesn't have this problem nearly as often so it makes fights more predictable and easier. I think a balance between the two would be more enjoyable. Enemies doing more damage and having more HP and dodging less. I would be totally happy with miss removed entirely.
  10. I beat it with 5 Caberjacks, it wasn't too hard I had 3 of them die though (2 to old age and 1 to the Cradle's artillery and Laspes high damage) I just found the fight pretty confusing. There was no way to tell when the enemies would stop coming, any sort of indication to that would be great. Also if we had vision of the entire room it would make sense I think and also make the fight feel more epic seeing all the enemies. Why are they warping in? I didn't understand that, if they could warp into the throne room the entire time why not do it before?
  11. I think 300 is about right, I started losing territory and I was done with all the research I wanted. Maybe a little longer but any shorter and there isn't as much end game.
  12. I actually think Caberjacks are overpowered. I lost my hunter family and had only Caberjacks left somehow. Anyways I beat the game with 5 Caberjacks. I was using all relics and each one was doing around 40-50 damage and then 80 on a crit. With the level 10 ability this allowed me to clear out whole sections in one turn. I think the way the abilities are now aren't really balanced. The getting hit and doing more damage ability isn't very good because a lot of the time getting hit means either losing experience, aging or taking massive damage. I think the optimal build is Taunt -> The reactive melee knokcback, charge, knockback immunity. This way with level 10 you can blow up as many lapses as are in reach and never stop. I used the vitaliband item that gave 30% more healthy and I was around 60-80 HP on my Heroes. This is far better than the heal and I think that the life steal item is not viable late game because it leaves you with around 30-40 HP which can be 3 lapse hits in one turn which is not unreasonable. The only problem I encountered with all Cabers is that the ruptures were difficult to manage but I thought it actually introduced a lot of strategy, I had to decide which Carber would blow them up and take around 10 damage. The game was actually pretty tactical with all Cabers because I felt like I could really manage the battlefield with their knockbacks and managing the killing blow adding a turn.
  13. I don't have a lot of story to this but it would be cool if there was an event that was about a feud between two families. Each family could give their side for a couple minutes of reading and then at the end you have to chose what to do which would be based on what you just read. If you pick the proper response, proving that you read the feud, both families stop fighting and gain the Trust personality which gives them a bonus to attack when near team mates. Otherwise they get Disloyal which debuffs their damage.
  14. I think a lot of your argument is from a viewpoint of ignorance. There are plenty of adult movies that are rated PG or PG-13. A book like The Sun Also Rises could easily be made into a PG movie and that doesn't make it a childrens movie, it just means it didn't require excessive nudity, blood, violence or curse words. The same can be said about Hayao Miyazaki and movies like Spirited Away. They aren't for children, sure a child can watch it but they won't get it. They do not understand the author's intent. The same can be said with this game, it isn't merely a story about characters rebelling, it is about why they are doing it. It would be like thinking that The Great Gatsby is a book about rich people partying. Totally ignorant of the underlying themes of the work.
  15. The peach did me in exactly like that. I understand why they did it but damn it was confusing.
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