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  1. Twisted Pixel has really earned my fanship on the 360 with one great game after another, I love Cave's shmups and even their crack at the platformer genre, Telltale is still one of my favorite devs, and I've loved Bungie for a good chunk of my life, looking forward to their next game.
  2. Invested $15. Seeing as how this is a huge success and is still earning money, I'm curious as to how much money DF would have to invest in to get a port to consoles? Although you guys could probably get a publisher anyway since the game is already gonna get made and all you'd have to is port it.
  3. First an explanation as to why, I have a brother who owns kinect, he also has one of those girlfriends and kids I've heard about, but the kinect part is the important part obviously. Anyway, I don't own one but I've visited my brother on numerous occasions and have played multiple kinect games. I want to bring a kinect game this time around, as that quick look really sealed the deal for me. So the plan is to copy my gamertag on the USB along with Happy Action Theater. Does my brothers console have to be online for me to be able to use it? My thinking was that my gamertag and game on the same storage space should be alright to play. My main worry is that I do this and I find out that the game is locked into a trial version. Keep in mind that I could put my brothers console online since he owns the newer modeled 360s, but that involves a long process of getting the console online. Although I guess if I'm accessing the game online with my gamertag, then it should be fine right? As in, I wouldn't have to type in my email and password. It'd be nice if I could just plug in the USB, and we could all just play HAT together.
  4. Yeah, it was pretty awkward.
  5. Using xbox.com did the trick. Sounds like a weird issue, but I got it up and running. It was originally clocking in around 1.3 GB though, but it eventually got bigger. Not sure what happened there exactly.
  6. I haven't tried from xbox.com but I tried redownloading Trenched, now Iron Brigade from the marketplace. I then tried it from the download history. The weird thing is that it does download but it seems to be missing something. Could this be a glitch? You should be aware that I'm part of the dashboard beta right which I don't think goes live until next week.
  7. I'd probably try this. Never had anything against mini-game compilations and it's still a bit too early to say it's just a series of games. I'd love it if the action theatre was run by the characters of action comics. It'd make for great cameos! As for being able to play this, I'd decided the only way I'm getting kinect is either through a serious price cut or a sweet bundle. That Star Wars bundle looked great but they messed up by delaying the console with the game. Lame. So no kinect until late 2012. I think anybody whose been here a while realizes why the studio isn't doing bigger games right now. I do think we'll see Psychonauts again one day, but it'll be in the form of episodic content via the style of Telltale games like Sam and Max or Back to the Future. That said, I'd love a point and click adventure game personally. Dare I say, have it based on the Dirt Nap series.
  8. ^ Yeah, the cost of making a game like Psychonauts 2 with modern production values is way underestimated. Besides the actual cost of production solely for the game, you got to pay voice actors, and bring advertising into the picture. I'm not sure if Psychonauts would cost as much as $15 million, but it's expensive enough to make kickstarter seem like a joke of some kind unless they use kick starter as a form of pledge to buy the game to pitch the game. One million individual dollars would say consumers are interested in a sequel.
  9. Honestly, if you want it, just play it. I saw a giant bomb quick look and this looks like a game I can get into with or without kids. All I need is a really cheap deal on kinect.
  10. ^^^ Plus I really hope some new major game is announced as well into production. I mean most people bought the 5 hour games for $15 stuff expecting it to lead to Double Fine doing another "real" game and if it didn't that kind of sucks. Pretty sure Costume Quest, Stacked, and Trenched are all real games by virtue of the fact that you can play them, they have rules, and entertainment is had.
  11. I'm all for this, sequels aren't a bad thing, but I'm glad Double Fine has brought out one new game after another. Opens the door for one sequel after another too!
  12. PC ports for games I already own aren't that exciting. The Trenched DLC is probably gonna be a part of this as well. Here's hoping for some form of brand new content that isn't a port or hasn't already been announced.
  13. You never know with their current digital game route. Double Fine vs Sesame Street would make for an epic game. Although I'd be happy if they just put Eddie, Ophelia, and Doviculus in some kind of fighting game. Any of them will do. Actually, with Skull Girls coming up, Drowned Ophelia would be an awesome easter egg character. Think about it Double Fine!
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