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  1. I generally explore the derelict (with brute force, risking exactly 2 security professionals per, but I have like 70 staff so it's not that a big deal when they die). Immediately claim the airlock and any room they pass through. If they survive the exploration, unzone all of the rooms except for the life support and airlock. Wait for people to wander away, then unzone the airlock. Unzoning the airlock means that people won't ever enter anymore. Then demolish the derelict at your leisure. (Note though that I don't think Erase works well for objects. I end up finding that it works better if you manually click on each one and demolish it. Hopefully that will be fixed.) If they die in the exploration (e.g. 3 monsters), unzone the airlock. This will enable you to force open or lock the airlock doors. Then you can wait for the enemies to wander through the rooms you control, and then space them. Afterwards rezone the airlock, and explore again.
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