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  1. Assuming you guys saw the leak, The Court of Owls and Owlman are supposedly the main villains of the game.
  2. I've got to say, Telltale's Batman, speaking solely of the story, was one of the freshest takes on the Batman Mythos in a while. Not only did we have a Batman who finally acts more like his comic counterpart who still cares for his teammates, and innocent people, and even wants to help criminals reform, rather than punch their faces in, but we had some fresh takes on the Batman mythos as a whole.
  3. I have so much hope for Inspector Gadget 2, even if he said that it was better than the first one in his Disneycember review.
  4. To be honest, I thought Batman turned out to be decently alright. Although keep in mind, that's coming from a Batman fan who enjoyed it more for bringing a few new twists to a Batman mythos, and enjoyed seeing a Batman that has his emotions and kind nature to innocents being brought further to the forefront, rather than Arkham and Injustice's Batman that's just constantly grumpy all of the time, even towards his teammates. The gameplay still kind of sucked though, at least in my opinion.
  5. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: 8/10 For someone who's a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, this virtual novel game seriously got me interested with a interesting concept, some tense situations, and a whole unique twist on something Ace Attorney made popular. Only reason it loses a few points is because I'm a platinum hunter, I got the platinum for this game, and meant I had to go through the very repetitive School Mode around eight times.
  6. I doubt it, as much as I'd love it. LucasArts, and therefore Disney has the rights. I also got around to testing The Last Resort on IOS, and like Sam and Max, it's working perfectly now. No lag or framerate issues apart from what's normally present in the Telltale engine.
  7. So this is gonna shock you guys. You guys remember how Sam & Max Season 3 Episode 1, and Wallace and Gromit The Last Resort was broken on IOS? I had gotten both episodes before they got delisted, and I was redownloading a few TTG adventure games to play, when I decided randomly to try Sam & Max again, as that specific episode was the very first TTG episode I played to completion, and is one of my personal favourites. Usually it crashes during the intro, either when Max transforms into a bazooka, or when Sam fires him at Skunkape, and would run extremely laggy before that point. But this time, it didn't. It ran pretty smoothly, apart from the normal frame rate issues that TTG games has, and it didn't crash either. For the first time since I bought the episode back in 2012, I managed to get past the intro of the episode. Not sure if The Last Resort is working as well, but I'll let you all know when I've tested it.
  8. Well I got the platinum in the game, after the damn game glitched multiple times in that stupid horde mode where enemies glitched through walls. Wow, this game is awful.
  9. This is the forum upgrade that TTG should've gotten all of those years ago.
  10. Overwatch Because aside from TF2, it's the first original multiplayer shooter I've played in a very long time.
  11. I actually made a video to show a good place for leveling up and grinding bolts/holocards. It's likely the glitch you mentioned, but eh it's still an option at least. (Also, how do you embed videos into posts. I never seem to be able to do it.) The method I used was this one:q2UWhTfNwcU Only I didn't jump down, I stayed on the actual ledge with the vendor, because the amoeboids keep spawning so long as you stay up on that ledge. (To see how I embedded the video, quote this post) Mine was a much earlier method which can be done as early as Blackwater
  12. I actually made a video to show a good place for leveling up and grinding bolts/holocards. It's likely the glitch you mentioned, but eh it's still an option at least. (Also, how do you embed videos into posts. I never seem to be able to do it.)
  13. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: 8/10 What was I thinking with this game. What was I thinking when I decided "You know what, I love the KH franchise, so I'll go for a platinum in one of the games". I decided on the first game, and I've put over 100 hours into the damn thing and I'm still not done!. I'm doing the post here because I've done more or less everything, only have to find Donald's Wizard Relic (hooray for RNG bullcrap!), and finishing the game on Normal (Yes, I did Beginner, and I did Proud). Despite all that, Kingdom Hearts is a rather odd beast for me. In that I like the game, and it's actually really aged well for me since I remember finding it average when I was younger, and unable to get past the first set of worlds (Damn you Trickmaster). So I've grown to love the original title over the years, even if it's combat has less flow than the other titles, and the voice acting is nowhere near the quality of Kingdom Hearts II, as well as other issues here and there. The story was pretty good, combat and gameplay in general still works extremely well (Except Deep Jungle. That can go die with other terrible platforming sections). But the post-game content will absolutely break you if you don't take breaks. I originally intended to finish this 100% back in March, but the game's constant RNG crap, and annoying rare heartless was enough to force me to take a break after getting 29/30 items completed on the synthesis list. On top of that, there's Goofy's Defender shield, and Donald's Wizard Relic that has a 0.2% drop rate and only on specific enemies, the secret bosses, the grind to Level 100 (Because unlike the Pride Lands trick in KHII, there's no grinding tricks, which means you're gonna be fighting the Ice Titan over and over again for a long time. Have fun with that), and the gummi ship missions/blueprints. I would likely have hated the game if I hadn't take a few months off it to play other things. All I can say is if you are going to play the game normally, you will have a lot of fun. It's a great game from beginning to end. If you try to 100% it? Have fun with your three playthroughs, grinding, and hoping the RNG decides not to screw you over.
  14. I had no idea you did a Ratchet retrospective. Looks like I have a set of reviews to watch. Out of curiosity Darth, are you doing the PS4 title?
  15. SCREW IDOL MINDS AND THEIR ABSOLUTE MESS THEY CALL A FUNCTIONING PORT. I hated what these assholes did to Ratchet Gladiator HD, it being a completely screwed up and rushed port of one of my favourite Ratchet games. I played through it's awful glitches, it's awful framerate issues, and overall laziness, and left it for a while. Cut forward to today, I have all the platinums in Ratchet games, except Deadlocked HD and All 4 One, so I decided to start getting all Skill Points. I was about 10 skill points away from all of them, except what happens? Upon one of my loading of the save, the game believes I'm on another planet, and on another challenge than the one I'm currently doing. I end up dying, and the game freezes on me (I couldn't bring up the XMB or anything). I turn the PS3 off, and what does it do? It corrupts the save. You know what's worse? Idol Minds were perfectly aware of the glitch. You know how I know? Generally if a save corrupts on PS3, the game won't load the save at all, and it won't have a title (It'll usually say something along the lines of "Corrupted Data 1"). But this? It had a name of a random challenge rather than the one I was playing on, and it had the title of "DIDNT WERK" (Yes, it was spelled like that), and when I loaded the data, it had the infamous Ratchet infinite load glitch. So obviously, they knew about the glitch, and decided not to bother fixing it because they're completely lazy assholes.
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