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    I'm sorry if you misunderstood my links to threats, I was just pointing out that releasing game unfinished and calling it a day is not appropriate. And I know your laws differ from our Europeans laws quite drastically, so that was more of an guide to fair trade. None, but you have talked about laywers and hopefully I don't have sue anybody ever, but still we here in EU have some standards for products we purchase. Finding those misleading advertisments are extremely easy, just click this. It does say "Nothing on this list is carved in stone", but dropping everything not done is not how I read that quote. Perhaps our point of views differ as I'm just a customer and most of you that have replied are on one way or another connected to Double Fine. I was quite surprised how this got out of hand so quickly, but this just cements my opinion of this game "release". This will be my last posting to this forum as all I seem to induce is a s*itstorm (pardon). GL Double Fine on your future endeavours. Cheers - Mikael
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    As advertised? Really? How about a loads of features that are missing? From alpha 6 to release is not really OK in my book(nor in ECC). What about the fact that Double Fine is releasing source? I'd be basically paying from a freeware game. My guess is that 1.0 release is going to be at least as buggy as Legends of Pegasus and it was refunded. And you do not have to patronize, hopefully we're all grown ups? Link to ECC Misleading advertising. Cheers again -Mikael
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    Hiya there! As this game is pretty far from advertised and EU laws states on online shopping: Under EU law, if the items turn out to be faulty or not as advertised, you have the same 2-year guarantee as if you had bought it in a shop. When will you begin refunds on EU area? Cheers Mikael
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