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  1. Dear Leader was fun to play but I'd have to put my hat in with Mnemonic because the puzzles were interesting (even if they don't number to 200... yet) and I'm really intrigued by what the full story could be.
  2. It sounds like you missed something on the balcony. Be sure to search in all directions. thanks, I was able to finish the game. the twist at the end was really intriguing, I'd love to be able to see the story expanded on in a full game! great work team 8)
  3. I can't seem to get past the key puzzle--I've used it and now have no inventory items and no idea what to do next. help? this game is really amazingly well made though, i love the atmosphere!
  4. I played through lpbb once on steam and then it vanished like magic. mnemonic doesn't run after the launcher does sadly!
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