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  1. I was playing the game with a friend and got the Time Traveller / Twins bug shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OlhQi36Lm8 We continued on to the next level, wondering how to get the twins back, when my friend decided to switch to them and commit suicide (the auto-kill yourself from pressing two buttons on the controller). When he did that, the twins completely disappeared from the game. Their portrait in the bottom left was replaced with a "RECENT" sign* (in this same way you get a "KILLED" sign for the fake death-to-dinosaur). We figured out how to get through the next level, but then we couldn't boat across to the island because the boat needs three characters and we only had two. * I think, anyway. It's been a few days since the bug... it took long enough to just sign up to this forum
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