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  1. The android version says it "Offers In-app purchases" What are these IAPs? is it the 1st act with an IAP for the 2nd? (as some of the internet is speculating) - is it some kind of packaging error? Also - the 'act 1 trailer' and act1 screenshots seems to make people think this is only the act1 release?
  2. Out of curiosity for non-act2-related matters: Is the Android version expected before act 2 or after?
  3. Interesting prototype, the story could really go somewhere in the full game. Nice AF-reference easter-egg if you let the credits loop for a bit If you do the 'get the picture twice' bug, you can still pull the picture out of inventory at the end too..
  4. Is there an 'ep11'/epilogue video of the playthroughs coming/somewhere?
  5. Well I didn't vote for mnemonic, but I nearly did. I think it's a game that has a lot of potential - the idea of exploring your own mind to solve a mystery sounds like a pretty compelling game to me. There are some great mystery type movies along a similar vein, and using a video game to immerse the player in the mystery itself should turn out really great. The only reason I didn't vote for it was because I wanted 3 other games more (none of which got picked :down:) and because while it's a great concept for a game, I'm really not sure how the actual gameplay execution is going to work out.
  6. Any news on documentary access? Apparently my friends all suck, and I've been living under a rock (that happens to be in the middle of Reddit.. I really don't know how I missed this entire thing until someone posted the game was actually out) From that first video and the bits I've seen of this it seems like it would really be something I'd love, probably more than the game itself. Will we simply have to wait until BA is done before we can see it? As a side-question - will all of the content at http://www.doublefine.com/dfa be made available (possibly in some kind of deluxe edition) eventually? The documentary looks amazing, but I'd also love the sidequests, programming updates, writing updates, art updates, etc.
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