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  1. It works every time. I think you pressed the wrong button or something. It did not work this time, no lies. "Escape" was my first tactic. I ran around behind the forklift accidentally onto the other side, and Manny couldn't find a path, I guess. Anyway, that's a bug thread thing. Apparently not. And that's fine. It just means that the value of Grim Fandango Remastered can't be in the Remastered part, and, as a Remastered, "Criterion Collection" it ain't. Grim Fandango Remastered does have value, however, as a port, and so the comparison was made. Not quite. It quickly shifts from the illustration, which serves only to lower expectations, to this admission:
  2. "Looking for something to complain about." People here talking as if I'm a Double Fine hater. Pretty sure I'm not. I'm happy to be a Double Fine Double Backer, and I was a pretty strong defender of Broken Age here and elsewhere. Fact of the matter is that very little looks cleaned up. Have you seen the the FMVs in year one? Or the background characters in the back of the Blue Casket? Thanks to the bug I've reported, I haven't played farther than that, yet, so I don't know what else I have store. Graphical enhancements aren't all that astounding when the bottom line has not been improved. In the original, the FMVs were the high point. In the new release, they look worse than most of the rest of the game. ... and, just in case you guys missed it:
  3. One professional reviewer noted years ago that there are two schools of remakes. One is something like what Square did for Final Fantasy IV, fitting new content in beautifully and redoing everything about it. The other school is what Square did for Chrono Trigger around the same time, which was basically nothing but a straight port. Grim Fandango Remastered, as the title suggests, much more like the latter. Yes, it is wonderful to have redone textures for the character models that run off the game engine. However, it is not wonderful that the FMVs could not be remastered, and they are still low-res or, worse, full of artifacts. Yes, it is great that the soundtrack was re-recorded. However, the voices have some audible distortion, likely because the original tapes had been lost or discarded. Yes, the lighting effects add a nice amount of ambiance. However, the backgrounds were untouched and so the only good way to play the game is with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Animation glitches have a soft workaround, but that involves reducing or removing the extra effects added in the first place. Minor benefits outweigh minor quibbles for sure, but when it comes to the improvements, don't expect anything to write home about. Throw in a few bugs other reviews have noted and you still have something better than the hassle of installing Grim Fandango on an older system you found at a garage sale. A bit of a hassle, and hardly yet free of bugs, but still worth it. Controls late Year One in the Bone Wagon are wonky, for example, but maybe they always were --- and that's sort of what I'm getting at. Grim Fandango is a fantastic game, and it is good that it finally has its re-release, but the remaster is less of a remaster and more of a port. ---- As a side note, is there no way to cancel animations? Elevator, Year Two, is rearing his ugly head again. Also, is it possible to remove the inventory graphics added to the coat screen, or in the corner when driving the Bone Wagon, and all other superimposed graphics? I'm trying to play according to the original vision of a no-graphics superimposed. (Someone tell Tim: I always liked the tank controls better, even if they were a little awkward. Count me as one fan, and with you and your mother that makes three of us who thought it was a wonderful idea.)
  4. Good. I was worried that it wouldn't be done when it's done, or that it would be done when it wasn't done.
  5. I also ask! Presumably, 2PP was busy doing the Amnesia Fortnight footage, and there wasn't anything done on Broken Age at the time --- kind of the point of Amnesia Fortnight. However, this is just an educated guess at the reason for the delay and not at all relevant on the estimated turn-around time of a new episode of the documentary. When, my lovelies? When?
  6. Board Game Geek does something nifty with user profiles, giving users small microbadges or color ribbons for certain expenditures. Any chance that for Amnesia Fortnight or Beta players of Spacebase DF-9 there could be similar badges for participation? It doesn't have to be honkin' big as for the Kickstarter badges.
  7. When you guys are talking about budget, are you also considering that the Kickstarter apparently represents less than they spent on the game? At several points, Mr. S has mentioned that they've used profits outside Broken Age towards Broken Age.
  8. Enjoyment Quotient: ---------------------- Superfun Good OK Lame Sucks
  9. Never said Broken Age was good, though I believe it is. All I'm saying is that it doesn't suck, according to these rules.
  10. I thought about Ron's manifesto when I was playing. To me, the violation of #4 sounds a big problem, considering I'm ALSO facing easy puzzles. Agreed. That, I think, was the bigger problem with Broken Age --- not that it had easy/logical puzzles but that I already had the items in my inventory from the start. Even if you forgive Grabbin' Gary because he's hilarious throughout the game, you still have basically every puzzle except a few in Shellmound, and the tree vomit. Still, that's an easy enough lesson to learn, and a hard one to implement.
  11. It is possible to understand all of that and still not think it's cool. Please don't insult people's intelligence. How was I insulting anyone's intelligence?
  12. I'm not disputing whether you can make an adventure game on the cheap. The point is that if it's used as an accusation against Double Fine you're way off the mark. Plenty of adventure games were made cheaply --- mostly because they cut corners, or because the creators weren't really in it for the money. Bottom line is that you'd cut the corners somewhere, and nowhere are there corners Double Fine is going to cut. I'm not just talking graphics, &c. There's so much wrong with this line of complaint --- that Double Fine wasted money, &c. --- and it's such an unfair charge ... oy. [blockquote]DF could have e.g. taken any old engine (AGS, whatever) and made a game with it, and the reduced amount of work should have made it cheaper, resp. created more content for the same amount of money.[/blockquote] Sure, if they wanted to back out of promises they had made at the beginning of the campaign. I'll agree that you can make an adventure game for a lot less money. You aren't going to have an professional adventure game for anything less, and you aren't going to have a AAA adventure game at all, these days. For less than $3 million --- suppose that is what they spent --- you certainly aren't going to have an adventure game with a. Bagelart, b. Tim Schafer competence, and c. Double Fine polish ... if you spend any less than they actually spent --- all of these points, remember, were implicit if not explicit in the original pitch. TLDR: Reports of Double Fine malfeasance have been greatly exaggerated.
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