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  1. The Future of Spacebase DF-9?

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the posts. I kind of wondered how things were going and those are some helpful details. I am looking forward to playing the latest version, and I'm sure a lot has been fixed since I last tried it. I just know there were some significant issues. I'll go play a little and see how the experience goes. Thanks CrashFu, you seem like a good guy. Appreciate you sharing some insight. All the best everyone! Count
  2. The Future of Spacebase DF-9?

    Thanks CrashFu, very helpful. I've never seen a forum before... I'm not late, I'm an early adopter. Just not a forum junkie. I heard they had laid off some employees and I was curious if this was going to impact a game I'd already paid for. I was plowing through the forums and didn't find any direct answers, so if you have a link or something... yeah, that would be great. I will email the company directly, but thought it wouldn't hurt to look on the forums first. So glad I did. There is a model for developing games like this and having people put down money in beta should actually increase the odds of funding the project, not shuttering it. Maybe there wasn't as much interest as initially anticipated, maybe there wasn't anywhere else to go with a space sim. I'm curious more than anything. Nobody owes me anything, I'm just surprised and maybe a little disappointed. Cheers, Count
  3. The Future of Spacebase DF-9?

    Obviously, this is what you get for putting up cash on a beta project, but I want to ask a straight question to any DF reps. Is Spacebase DF-9 no longer being developed? As an optimistic and full package paying customer can I expect anything for my contribution or is it *poof*? All the best, One of the paying ones...