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  1. i would agree with you on all of these myself, i have heard "shelter Zone alot but some form of O2/emergency chest would also do alot to help live through some Disasters. also the Magboots would do alot to help deal with the Vacuum problems they give you with lows O2 in the station.
  2. another idea may be to have a "ventilation unit" that simply moves air from one location to another? like a large fan that blows air into a duct on one end and a grate it comes out of at the other "end"
  3. I have been reading through the forums lately and there seems to be allot of problems with the O2 scrubbers and oxygen flow in general and i had a few thoughts on how to help with them and hearing thers thoughts on solutions. i am under the impression that there is some form of invisible duct system going through the base. could there be a build-able vent opening that can be added to increase air flow (something we can close also in an emergency I.E. a fire or some form of decompression.) However my major problem is with the pressure wave effect that comes with "low oxygen". low oxygen is not the same thing as low atmospheric pressure and should not be blowing people around on my base. if the airlock door is leaking is 1 thing or if there was a hull breach is another but people in a bar or working on the station shouldn't decrease the air presser in a section. most living organisms including plants take in a form of gas (people use nitrogen+O2, plants use CO2) and give off equal amounts of another (people expel CO2 most notably and plants give off O2) therefor no vacuum should be created simply by breathing but an excess of toxic gasses can form and no push-back should be felt. the only place push-back would be felt is in an area that has some form of a leak creating a pressure imbalance. I have heard that the doors leak and i would imagine that hull breaches will always be a part of the game and would encourage the idea of micro hull breaches (or almost or completely invisible breaches) being added to the game as-well as leaky airlocks staying a part of the game, but simply add an "air pressure" gauge to the UI or have it factored in some how. as for leaks, simply have technicians use some form of smoke or visible gas to find were the oxygen is escaping from and seal it. Lastly i was thinking about the idea of a "fall out shelter" type room better protected from asteroid impact with a "small" amount of food oxygen and so on, i have heard other make mention of it but could there be one self contained room with an "air lock" that could keep your people alive until the fire and impacts are done and allow for some repairs to be made before the rest of the crew comes out of it, this would allow for more and worse disasters to happen on the base if they were theoretical survivable in more then one way.
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