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  1. Probably worth a little more transparency on this since it keeps coming up. Jan 7th was tentatively set as the end date to the campaign before it started. I actually reached out to DF prior to the campaign starting suggesting it was better to make it Jan 12th, because I didn't want the campaign to get lost in the New Year shuffle. It was agree by DF and us, it was changed in the tool, but we had a refresh problem that over wrote it. I caught it 30 minutes prior to the campaign starting, but because it was right before the VGAs, I decided to leave it rather than take a chance right before 100,000+ people hit our site. DF updated the date during the campaign tool and pushed it live without Fig's knowledge (this has since been locked down so devs can't do this anymore). What should have happened is that DF and Fig issued a proactive statement before changing it rather than being reactive, so mistakes were made on both sides.
  2. Nice to see you too! Totally understandable, but if this did occur, it could have a large affect on other companies too. Since the whole idea of the JOBS act is to remove barriers, I think such a law would go against that motive.
  3. Thanks! Btw, the editing of my comment was to fix a couple of grammatical nits and add some formatting - it's been too long since I posted last..! Are you sure you were just correcting a grammatical error or was it a conspiracy to give the campaign more time?!?! Just kidding. ;-) Ha Ha (actual LOL) I needed that, thanks :-)
  4. Thanks! Btw, the editing of my comment was to fix a couple of grammatical nits and add some formatting - it's been too long since I posted last..!
  5. Wow, mad props to Dak and KestrelPi! That was an amazing analysis and you are both right on point..! I'm using my old DF login, I'm no longer an employee here, but Spaff mentioned this thread. It warms my heart to know there are so many well informed and well intentioned people out there defending DF! I thought about replying to that GG attack video - I also liked the jazz and thought he had a flare for hyperbole (for some reason it just always sounds more legit and believable when delivered with a British accent). I ultimately decided not to, and I'm not sure that was the right decision, btw quick plug - Fig is looking for a community manager to join our team, please pass along this link if you know anyone (https://jobs.lever.co/fig/8f149ee2-2081-4a2c-bae2-8709b4b92db7) So to the meat of everything, most of what's being criticized by this person is indeed being taken out of context and misconstrued. My first thought on seeing it was that this was the first SEC filing he's read, because most of what he's referencing is pretty boiler plate. However the rest seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding of securities and corporate governance coupled with a lack of desire to understand what we're trying to do. For instance, one of our core tenants is to trust the developer we work with and not impose on them a rigid milestone review process or extreme accounting practices that would require them to hire an extra layer of overhead - we prefer creators to spend their time and resources making the game away from outside interference - therefore we have limited audit and review rights. This requires us to make a disclosure and assume the worst. So if the worst were to occur and a developer was deliberately hiding information, we have to disclose the developer could use money on something other than the game. That's the whole reason of the disclosure section, to inform everyone in the most negative light, all that could go wrong in gory detail. There also a claim that we won't be able to make payments to investors. Well, there could be a new tax laws in the future that get passed, or reinterpretation of old ones, that affect our payments, and in the absolute worst case maybe it makes it so we can't pay anything - you have to disclose that. Another force at play here is the structure which is claimed to be overly complicated. First off, it's not really that complicated compared to other filings, but we are using something called tracking stocks so we can tie the games performance to shares for unaccredited/accredited investors - and these are not very well understood and it does introduce some added complexity - no getting around that. Some other unfacts: - He claims we hid the SEC circular, the link is in fact on our investment page - He claims that if Fig shuts down the investor are SOL, this is incorrect, the responsibility for investors to be paid is still in place - He claims DF doesn't have to use the money on the game, not true because 100% of the below observation That is an excellent point! The money would have already passed down to Fig Grasslands, so Fig Publishing cannot take that back and use it on other projects. Yep, I agree, the dude got this wrong. That was really awesome work finding that one! This is an example of the structure we're using causing a disconnect in our disclosure from the practical application, and unfortunately that makes great bait for GG wanting to stir up trouble. What this basically all boils down to is this: When you make an investment, all the money is at risk and you should only invest in people and companies you trust. DF and Fig are very fortunate to have a large support base of people who trust us, and for that we are very thankful!
  6. Hey there, you are correct that the EULA was not updated from our standard one that was included in the Early Access version of these games. We're updating it now with the correct open source license.
  7. Hey there! We are participating in GOGs program adding local currency. But doing so means there's not an option currently for real pricing like there is on Steam. We've asked for this feature to be added but there's no ETA yet. Best, Justin
  8. We do use metrics and also share info with other developers, but I'll have to give some thought about utilizing our community to get other information. However the accuracy of the predictive models has been fine, it's more trying to figure out how to leverage our community to help boost sales so we can make more adventure games! Thanks for the book suggestion.
  9. Thanks everyone! It feels awesome to have so much support from our community!! As the lone business person, it sometimes can get a little lonely in that office, I'm going to save some of these comments to read on those days It's a shame more business stuff doesn't get talked about, but I can shed some light on that. Many times there are confidentiality clauses in the agreements that prevent any discussion of the business. Financial information is usually pretty confidential too. When sales are good, everyone wants to talk about them because that can lead to even more sales, but unfortunately the same can be true for the inverse case. But I'm really happy about the current trend of developers releasing their numbers publicly. There are also many instances where it's just good business to keep some talks under wraps, especially since it's often not immediately identifiable what information might be sensitive (or become sensitive), and so many game companies just err on the side caution. Given the stakes, it's pretty hard to fault them, but it does create a shroud of mystery that I often wish wasn't the case. Anyhow, we're pretty transparent at Double Fine and it's been a lot of fun to talk more openly about these things with our community!
  10. Thanks Bazzal! It's been an amazing journey so far and it's really awesome to get recognized on the business side, which is often hidden away. I've now played all of Tim's Lucasfilm games with the exception of Grim. I told myself I wouldn't play that one until I could purchase it legally and used that as some inspiration to get the deal done. Now I can hardly wait!!! Oh, and that d20 was used to play MtG over lunch.
  11. Thanks Justin! It's so cool that you guys would allow us - let alone support us - to do this thing Thanks - this is an awesome idea! With how good things are already going on this project, we might actually make a community designed game an official part of our next DF
  12. Thanks for stating this officially. Rest assured that we're well aware that this is a fan-project and that all rights to "Bad" and "Golf" are reserved by DF and Patrick. o^.^o Still, have to do it - enjoy!
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