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  1. 1 and 2 were sugested already by patrick and we are trying to do it as close as possible but to further enlighten you patrick said along with the cart the player should also be damaged, and 1 unless you went to the irc and said it i pretty much think the exact same was mentioned almost if not word by word " Brutal Legend Style hop. Anyways if you did at least im sure the second one he sugested we'd do a damaged model golfer ( although i don't think he wants to see himself damaged as on of the golfers is in homage to him ) P.S: i could be wrong in meantioning what he said so keep that in mind but as i am realizing more and more, i tend to put words on peoples mouths when im excited, i do most with duncan on his project xing but he isn't / wasn't bothered by that (that i know of, or until now... =) )
  2. Alrighty, I've just set up a github repo. Can anybody who wants admin access give me their github account details? Note that not having admin access doesn't stop you from contributing, it just means that you're responsible for reviewing/merging pull requests, so if you don't feel comfortable merging, don't put your hand up The idea is that to develop, you'll "fork" the project to your own github account, make your changes, and then when you're happy, open a "pull request" to the main repository. This sends a notification to admins who can look over your changes and then add them to the main project. People without a github account can still download the repo as a .zip file or can clone it, but won't be able to push changes. Github accounts are free, and more details can be found here (if you're new to git, read all four articles in that series, there are links at the bottom). Ill create an account latter
  3. Sweet, about now three people+ on DF know about this.
  4. So has unity. Edit to add info on the subject of valve like network on unity: https://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/net-MasterServer.html
  5. Does this count? (I am still working on this, but I've had a hectic 3 months and haven't been able to find time for it) I can't draw to save my life though (can't even colour between the lines in a toddler's book), but I make up for that in my coding abilities. This forum seems to be crowded with programmers Anything that helps is greatly apreciated and since this is a community project we dont or haven't got a need for restrictions on people with the same abilities (if it wasnt a community project people often separete intro different teams) ( i do say this to reinforce the idea that the above frase about programmers isn't misinterpreted), so your experience will help as anyothers though it will probably be easier (or harder) to create a multiplayer for an game being created from scratch.
  6. uhm maybe add a level system as to unlock balls with powers (explosive maybe?)?
  7. Maybe someday we will work with awesome people like you guys. One day i'd hope to be in a AF.
  8. Doing as you please. People we need the following: Artists ( we need people to create textures/meshes/concept art) Sound Guys (we seem to have one) Graphics Programmer Programmer (If unity i can do with c#, python or javascript) Patrick Probably Some else i might be forgetting. Are we going to use unity? What tools are we gonna use? (ex: maya,3ds, blender, propeller, maybe some photoshop?!?) Are we going to create a story behind it for single player ( or let madness float ) Are we doing multiplayer? What version of unity should we use (free vs pro)? What gameplay features will we be adding? So on...
  9. I would to, secondly its not a zombie survival mmo because you don't have to survive though if you want to keep being human you'd be fighting for your human survival.
  10. Because people are afraid of lawsuits, regardless of how well intentioned you are, of how much would it cost (free or not), you can still get one of those above your head as if it was a huge crosshair and then suddently that game you made just got you a new home under the bridge. Still thats not a discution we should be having as its not up to us, as i said earlier this is patrick's/doublefine's decision, await for an answer or a new sub forum as it would signal aprovement.
  11. Those pitches were and are great, secondly are you letting WAAAAYYY too ambitious get the best of your vote, if you like the pitch vote for it no matter how ambitious you think it is, because its totaly feasable and your not supposed to get a full game in two weeks your supposed to get a sneak peak ...
  12. That's not how you spell Mmemonic. Apart from the obvious rebuttal , let me clarify that I actually voted for Dear Leader, Eras of Adventure and What Could Go Wrong. Maybe I'll switch one of those to Project 行. I'm also really curious how ether would turn out. Mnemonic? Huh, I liked the art but that the rest doesn't really speak to me. Do the switch to Project 行, the 行 in you is calling!
  13. If he read his contract, knows of anything stopping this from happening he could tell us or talks to tim directly he could.
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