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  1. Even inactive, you have to admit it sets up a helpful guide for new players. Gives a number of tricks and tips for along the way.
  2. An "On Call" option for guards would be nice. They would go through their regular duties and whatever, but they would be more relaxed, and more likely to just go hang out in the bar, but the moment the beacon sounds, they'd stop whatever they were doing and RUN over to that beacon. Maybe as a balance though, on call security won't go on patrol, they'll only respond to beacons and declared emergencies. I think it would also be nice if you could mark someone for medical attention, but that might just be me.
  3. OOOh, that could be an interesting addition! Maybe there could be space-related research that had to be done partially in this room, eventually leading to things like space scanners and asteroid deflectors!
  4. Although NASA has these technologies, the people on the space base don't. The current bed design is blanket and pillow without straps, and the weights are not actually tied down. If you are going to have these items useable, they'll need upgrades. Oh, and the people should actually look like they'd stick. If you want to be cheap though, you could probably get away with a 0g suit with Velcro everywhere for everything but the workout room.
  5. While STUFF is nailed to the floor, how can you justify cooking? The fire doesn't know which way is up, and you can forget actually getting the food to it! (unless you go special pan style)
  6. If that happens, then certian items (beds, work out rooms, bars) should become impossible to use. Why? Cause you can't STICK TO A BED IN 0G!
  7. The builders do need beter priorities. The worst is not when they're off duty, it's when they MAKE the breach because I have building and demolishing planned. Maybe the whole tree should just be flipped: Objects, Floors & Walls THEN Demolishing.
  8. I just lost four people, including my favorite security guard (Don't get one, they break your heart) because they chose to stay over in the derelict far from my base and up-kept oxygen recyclers! D: If I had some way to make it a "No Loitering" zone, then there would have only been one person breathing the oxygen, and he may have woken up in time to head to Home Base, allowing me to set it for demolition. I would have done it sooner, but my guard went to sleep as soon as he finished the search, so I couldn't just set the room to demolition.
  9. You know, something like this could be useful for making tutorials for players who didn't go watching the videos to the point where they didn't need them anymore. You could turn Tutorial Mode on, then you would start with the Dev-made template while instructions tell you how to finish it off and explain the spacing. (I only know the game needs this cause I tried to show Mom the game. She was NOT a happy player.)
  10. Inside windows would still be pretty nice though. When power eventually plays it's part, maybe windows can be used to save some of the power used for lighting.
  11. How about one where they can only breathe in the vacuum of space? In order to operate and fix this issue, you have to develop special spacesuits.
  12. And not use a bar; I want a sober ship! Maybe it can have a soda fountain instead?
  13. How about "peaceful" hypnotic enemies? They board your base peacefully for a short period of time, and don't act strange. . . until they decide to turn one of your people into a raider or make them think their a space monkey. If you don't catch them and have them eliminated, you end up with PURE CHAOS!
  14. Maybe that could be an option on the bar: drunken bartenders cause damage and are likely to hurt themselves, but are also likely to do things that increase the moral of everyone in the bar.
  15. I'm so out of the loop, I've even been to their website twice and still don't know what Dwarf Fortress is. If I didn't have so many other games underplayed (or unplayed) I would add it to the pile just to see what I'm missing. But I'm missing so much, the "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" approach is the most practical to my sanity. I prefer the "Don't know, don't care, I get to have SBDF9 in a couple of weeks on both my desktop and my laptop, SO THERE!" attitude towards Dwarf Fortress. Just don't start talking about "ripping it off".
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