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  1. Since objects hanging on the wall always take up a space on the floor as well, I'd like to see a sign on the floor to indicate fire extinguishers, alarms and monitors when I use the collapsed wall view as to not obstruct my view of what is behind it. It would also make it easier to select those items versus the wall behind them. Alternatively but more involved would be a plan-style (blueprint?) view to more easily visualize my layout without things poking up too far.
  2. My total capacity with all Life Support working is 102 (only 48 reports due the Life Support level 2 bug). There is more in disrepair, nearly all of the doors are under 7% condition, most of the research desks are broken, airlocks fail constantly. Their morale is poor and I'm not certain why. Everyone else is happy, even the miners. Each time a tech is on duty, they perform one minor repair and go off being unproductive. Helmic, I've had that same problem with the builders. My early bases used to have pairs of airlocks side-by-side but it rarely mattered, one would go unused. At least I know that I'm not the only one with this issue. My base before the update hit over 90 before I had a catastrophic failure and killed everyone. I'll try adding plants and screens on every spare tile in the life support areas and see if morale improves. I appreciate they are prioritizing adding new content, but poor AI behavior is too frustrating to ignore.
  3. I have a good sized base and a dozen skilled technicians but they cannot keep up with repairs. I have made it a point to unclaim everything except my one current mining operation. On three occasions so far, the entire population save two or three had suffocated. I've put screens and plants in every room that techs frequent, but I can't keep their mood and productivity up. I even have the Mk 2 technician upgrade from the docked ship. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Download my save
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